Thursday, June 26, 2014

Favorite Things: Podcasts!

I am really obsessed with podcasts lately. I mean first of all they are FREE! Which makes them quite a bit cheaper than my audiobook addiction. And I get to listen to them while I'm commuting to work, doing paperwork, and running. These are a few of my favorites:

1. The Mickey Miles Podcast by Mike Scopa & Michelle Scribner-Maclean
This is the newest podcast that I'm listening to. It is all about running and more specifically running Disney! Which is of course my newest obsession and biggest ambition right now. They have 150+ podcasts on the topic! They outline all the Disney races, how to prepare for races, and give you great information on training and nutrition. A few of my favorite episodes are Preparing for a First Disney run, How to Save Money when Planning your Disney run events, and The Great Star Wars Debate.

This is a podcast I love because Joe Pardo does interviews with people who have achieved their dreams or done something that completely changed their lives. Who doesn't love a good success story? Two of my favorite episodes are Stephanie Kurze: How Television Changed Her Life and Amy Peterman: Blogging about moving changed everything.

3.  The Lively Show by Jes Lively
Jes defines her podcast as being designed to add a little extra intention into your everyday. I love that description and I love this podcast. Jes covers so many topics from facing fears, to debt reduction, and following intutuion. If you want somewhere to start, I recommend the one on self-love and disordered eating (mostly because these topics hit so close to home for me).

This is the first podcast I ever listened to.  I started listening to this podcast years ago when I lived in California. I am a huge history nerd and these episodes are so interesting! If you love history at all. There are so many topics to choose from. They have over 300 episodes, and they update often. It is hard to pick a favorite as there are so many topics, but I do love the ones on the Irish Potato Famine, Building of Disney Land's Haunted Mansion, The History of Feet Binding, and The Fantastic Fitzgeralds.

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