Friday, August 19, 2016

A Music City Weekend

I had a stressful two weeks and a stressful summer. Adam is out of state, and I was so happy that my friend Anna came over from Mississippi for a long planned girl's weekend here and up in Nashville. I needed a fun weekend.

She got to my house in the afternoon, and after we lazed around a little bit, we went out to eat at Chicken Salad Chic. Which is a local place that serves a variety of different chicken salads, and it is so good! We then spent the evening at Spirited Art, painting. This is not one of my better paintings, but I don't hate it! So there is that.

I think everyone has friends that fill certain niches in  life, and Anna certainly fills the shopping role in my life. I really only shop when I'm with her (unless it is online). So the first thing we did on Sunday after arriving in Nashville was to hit Opry Mills. We really ended up getting some good deals, I bought a cute Kate Spade necklace and a Vera Bradley traveler bag for work! (Isn't that wall in the Kate Spade store adorable)?

The main reason we were in Nashville was that we had tickets to see a presentation given by the lawyers from Making a Murderer on justice. We were both enthralled by that show and because we are nerds, we went. It was SOOO interesting. It was made even more interesting by the news that came out the Friday before about Brenden Dassey's verdict being overturned. 

Also those lawyers are super cute in a way I can't even understand, especially Jerry. It also got me fired up on things wrong with our justice system.

Before we left on Monday morning, we swung by Biscuit Love for breakfast. A restaurant which is super popular, but since I'm usually only up there for a weekend, I avoid it due to crowds! But going on a Monday was PERFECT. We only waited about 20 minutes. I got the East Nasty (chicken biscuit with gravy), which was great, but the BONUTS we shared blew us out of the water. Those little biscuits topped with Lemon Whipped Topping and the Blueberry compote were too good to be true. 

Also while I was up there Anna taught me to use Snapchat, so here is a picture of me as a puppy.  You can add me, my username is bmarten517.

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