Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is Halloween.

We got a late start to the Halloween festivities this week. I waited till Friday afternoon to even buy a pumpkin. Which I do not suggest, because all the places that had pumpkins for sale had really been picked over, so it was hard to find a decent one. 

We chose a really simple Nightmare Before Christmas design. I love that movie, although Adam just thinks it's weird. Which of course, it is weird, but it is great because of its weirdness! Plus, I'm a little Nightmare before Christmas obsessed since our recent family reunion weekend trip to Disneyworld, where Adam and I met the pumpkin king himself. 

I really love dressing up for Halloween. Last year, I was Where's Waldo, the year before I was a cave woman, and this year I decided to be a 50's lady. My mother thinks it's because she's a 50 baby, but really I just love a good, poodle skirt. And I was a big Happy Days fan, when it was on Nick @ Nite!  All I needed was a milkshake, a juke box, and the Fonz.

Of course, mama's little buddy had to get in on the action. His vet had a costume contest, and I entered my little bumble bee in it. If he doesn't win, I might have to burn the place to the ground (I am one overly devoted dog mama after all).

He was such a good sport, and didn't seem to mind at all. I called him my Bumble Linky, Adam just said he looked like a Pittsburgh Steeler in a throwback jersey! Adam thinks he was humiliated, but I think he looked proud!

We didn't get a ton of trick or treaters this year. It rained most of the evening, which defintely slowed it down. We were left with just enough candy to get us in trouble! But in between trick or treaters, we watched Hocus Pocus (for the second time this month), and then an episode of Fargo.

Over all, I think a good Halloween was had by all. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Girl Time & Cinderella

I had the best weekend. My two best friends, Anna and Jana, live hours from me, so we only get together every couple of months. We love musicals, so when we are together we frequently are going to plays. And this time it was to see Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella in Nashville.

The girls got in Friday evening, and one of our old, college buddies, Lark (who just happened to be in town, joined us to hang out and watch the live-action Cinderella movie (are you sensing a weekend theme)?

My friend Jana just went through a hard break-up, so as a joke we bought her a voodoo doll! But when were going through the spells included with the doll, they only had good spells. Leave it me to find the one friendly voodoo doll on the internet.  They teased me so hard about that!

Saturday morning, we drove up to Nashville. We stopped over at the Cool Springs Galleria first for shopping and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! What a wonderful meal! I had the refreshing, falafel salad and a white chocolate caramel macadamia nut cheesecake. So amazing.

We took a nap after shopping at our hotel before getting ready for the show. We enjoyed the show so much! It was beautiful, charming, and funny. It is NOT the Disney version, so it definitely had its differences, but the basics are there!

We sipped on "glass slipper" cocktails, and we bought "Glass Slipper" knee socks (because glass slippers are so in right now). 

After the show, we hit up Jack in the Box for some late night grub. I was so excited because we have no Jack in the Boxes in my hometown, but it was a big haunt of Adam and mine's when we lived in California. Like many of things I have tried again post weight-loss surgery, it wasn't as good as I remembered. But I think all fast food is like that for me now!

This weekend was totally wonderful and much needed girl time for me. I spend way too much time with the boys of the house. I just can't wait to see my girls again!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

When the Crypt goes Creak, and the Tombstones Quake

I bought the Legacy Collection Disneyland CD when I returned from Disneyland last month because I'm a nerd like that. And one of my favorite songs  on it is  Grim, Grinning Ghosts from The Haunted Mansion ride. My favorite line is, "When the Crypt goes Creak, and the Tombstones Quake...."

I just love Halloween! But with Adam being out of town for two weeks followed by our whirlwind trip to Disneyworld last weekend, we have been delayed in getting our decor out. But we finally did last night, and I'm lovin' it!

While many items are the same we had last year, I tried to mix them up in new ways. We draped the Halloween lights over the stairwell, and now I have our foyer table to put the decor on. I'm also really loving our new fall table setting. So festive.

I can't wait to get the pumpkins next week and carve them up, that is my favorite part of Halloween!

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 39 & Week 40

It amazes me that we are in the final weeks of 2015. I've never been good at finishing year long projects, so I'm proud that I'm still going, and I'm still loving it like I did the first week. Some weeks come together easily and some I struggle with, but either way, I just love getting them in my book. 

For this side, I documented a couple of sick days I had (where I scrapped and watched Disney movies), my pedicure, my new Ears for an upcoming Disney trip (I know DISNEY AGAIN, it's just a quick family reunion over a weekend), a picture of my commute home from work, and a picture of Linky being lazy. 

This side documents my start of full marathon training, my winning streak in fantasy football, new fall coffee cups at Starbucks, my new T-shirt, and grocery shopping with Adam (we never ever shop together). 

Week 40 was hanging around the house and my road trip for the Southern Tennessee Power Classic Half-Marathon.

On this side, I used a shot of a sloppy joe casserole I made, my new Halloween PJ pants, my mom's new dog, Stephie, and Adam and Link cuddling on the couch. 

Side two was all the pictures from my mini road trip and the half-marathon. I included my racing bib, which I love. I always love ephermera in my album! 

Materials Used:
Project Life: September Skies
Studio Calico: Brimfield  & Workin It

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Disneyland 2015: Digital Scrapbooking Pages Part 4

These pages cover the half-marathon (2 pages),  our River Belle Terrace Dinner, Trader's Sam, Souvenirs, and the Paint the Night Parade. Scrapbooking supplies are from Project Mouse!

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Disneyland 2015 Trip Report: Part Four

I got cleaned up from the race, and then Mom and I decided to try to get into Trader's Sam, which is a really unique bar at the Disneyland hotel! It can be hard to get into because there are limited tables, so we basically just stood around and stalked people for a seat! 

Trader's Sam is so fun though because when people order certain drinks it sets off a reaction throughout the bar. There will be a storm or a volcano will blow! So there is something going on all the time. We ordered some food (Shrimp tacos for me, Pulled Pork Sandwhich and Sweet Potato Fries for Mom). And I finally had my first alcoholic beverage of the trip, I was trying to make sure I stayed hydrated pre-race! 

I hit the parks post lunch and post nap. I managed to get in a few rides before dinner time! I rode Splash Mountain on the single rider line because it was just so blasted hot (plus it's such a classic)! And I also rode Star Tours, because let's face it, if I didn't, Adam would probably divorce me. 

We did the Fantasmic! Dining package at RiverBelle Terrace. Which allowed us priority seating for the show later that evening. Our meal was really good! It was 3 courses, and everything was wonderful. I particularly loved the apple crisp. We loved sitting right by the Rivers of America as well, watching the Columbia & Mark Twain roll by. 

While waiting for Fantasmic, we took a couple of rides on Pirates (man I love that ride). We also did a little shopping in AdventureLand. We both bought Tiki Birds. I hung mine on the front porch, and it is one of my favorite souvenirs.

We watched Fantasmic, and it was amazing as always. But I just didn't get any decent pictures, I really just sat back and enjoyed the show. I also caught the Disneyland Forever firework show afterwards.

One of the last things I did that day was go to the Paint the Night Parade. I ALMOST skipped it, I was so tired. But I managed to find a spot on the curb on main street. And I literally sat on the sidewalk and dozed off and on until the parade started. 

I'm so glad I stayed. That parade was a total highlight of the trip! The lights, the characters, and most of all the music, made it so worth it. I could have sat through it 50x over.

After that, I walked to the hotel to finally get some much needed sleep!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Disneyland Half Marathon 2015 Race Report

I woke up the morning of the half-marathon, the morning of the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge,  pretty darn sore. I had been hitting the parks, and I had run a 10k the day before, and I was feeling it. It made me so nervous, I had never started a race so sore, and the challenge just meant so much to me. I didn't know what to expect. But I had the sweetest text messages and facebook statuses from my husband and friends, and it meant so much to me! Adam even got up early to follow my progress with the Disney racer tracking system. 

I decided to dress as Dumbo to represent the challenge. 

I started in corral D again, and the first mile  was definitely hard. But if there is anything I've learned about training runs or races, getting through that first mile is always the toughest. If I can get to that point, I'm usually OK. Plus, after the first mile, I was in the parks, which is a pretty awesome distraction. I didn't take many pictures in the parks, due to taking so many the day before.

Disney does such a good job with race entertainment. Most of the race is throughout the city of Anaheim, and they can not have characters and such out. But there were dancing troops, marching bands, cheer groups, and a 2 mile long stretch of classic cars.

I also really, really enjoyed the spectators and all the signs they had! I really loved the Disney themed ones. 

One of the highlights of the run was mile 9 when we ran through the Angels stadium. There were people in the stands cheering us on, and we could even see ourselves on the jumbotron!

The last 3 miles were definitely difficult. I just had to keep putting one foot in front of the other. But I finally made it to mile 13. I always love that finish line moment. Feels so amazing. I had officially completed the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge, and it felt great (I even got to do it in sight of the evil stepsisters). Adam called me right after the finish line to congratulate me. I loved "sharing" that with him.

I earned four medals that weekend (The 10k, the half-marathon, the coast to coast, and the Dumbo double dare challenge). My favorite was the Dumbo Double Dare award because that was my new accomplishment. Doing two races back to back is something I can cross off my racing bucket list!

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