Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lucky Duck Huntsville Scavenger Hunt Part 2

Now it is time for part two (read part one here) of our Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt adventure. I will start this installment by sharing with you the top secret location of the hardest duck to find ever! It took us two outings to find this one, and it nearly escaped our grasp. But alas, it could not allude us forever.

This clue seemed simple enough. I am fairly familiar with Big Spring Park after all. It is where my first boyfriend picked me up for our first date (he was dumb in the way first boyfriends typically are).  But we wandered all over this park, each time coming up empty handed (by the way, the picture above is Adam apologizing to the ducks for not having a quarter to buy some duck food, they kept hounding us as we walked around fruitlessly).

When we got home from that first hunt, I did some online sleuthing. The only thing I was able to gleam from the sparse blog posts on the hunt is that there is another side to the park that I had no idea existed (it is across a busy street from the main park).

Even though we now knew where we had to go, it didn't make it much easier to find it. There is indeed a bluff area, but we didn't see a thing. It took climbing to a nearby parking lot that looked down over the bluff area, before I even thought it was possible I might have spotted it! But I did spot it (not Adam, HA). You can't even really see this duck due to the quality of my phone camera, and the distance it was from me. My only advice would be to look for a man-made ledge near the rocks.

If you were wondering, we did stop to feed the ducks on our second outing.

I knew the answer to this clue was the First National Bank in Huntsville, because I remember on the trolley tour, the tour guide told us the whole "Jessie James robbed the bank rumor" was untrue. But his brother Frank James was charged with a robbery in Huntsville, so there is that. When Adam and I read this clue, we headed toward the bank on the square.

At a little pavilion next to the bank,  the duck is hanging upside down. My eagle eye spotted this one way ahead of Adam. Making me super proud of me.

This was probably one of the easier clues to figure out. I love the cute little Historic Huntsville Depot (I posted about it here). Adam and I got a little lazy and drove to the Depot instead of walking to it, in fact, I think we drove to the rest of the clues (ha).

We found this little guy perched on the front side of the main, yellow building. I found it way before Adam did, but then again he was driving and could not look from the car. But I will take a victory in whatever way I can.

One of our next clues ended up being in a location we had never heard of. The lumberyard? I thought that might mean an actual lumberyard, which would be a weird place for a clue. After a google search, I uncovered the A.M.Booth's Lumberyard. This is an event venue in downtown.

We had some difficulty finding this duck (Adam found it, of course). We felt a little silly wandering around the place, as they were setting up for a wedding. So here is a hint, don't go inside the lumberyard! It is outside the building in an nearby fountain. Do you see it peeking through?

This was for sure the easiest of the clues. Not only does it give you the street name, it pretty much flat out tells you it is the Visitor's Center.

I again spotted this one from the car before Adam even had a chance to park. I'm a dirty, dirty cheat, and I don't even care! We are a competitive couple, what can I say?

The last clue led us to Bud Cramer park, where I had never been before.  This was the last clue we needed to check off, so we were hoping it would be easy. But we struggled with this one. We didn't think it would be in the middle of the playground, as it would be a tripping hazard, but the clue seemed to be leading us to the center of the playground.

It ended up being by the little bridge, tucked away almost out of sight. And with this find, we had completed the hunt.

I was so happy that we were able to successfully find all those ducks, even though both of the park clues almost defeated us. I have been wanting to do this simple activity for quite a while, and it wasn't a half bad way to spend two Saturday mornings.

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  1. I love the "other side " of Big Spring Park!

  2. Thank you for posting part 1 & 2. Several of the ducks would have been extremely hard to find without your help.


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