Sunday, November 2, 2014

Disney Princess Half-Marathon Training Week 5

Week 5, Run 1
There wasn't anything really special about my Tuesday morning run. I manged to get up early, even though I stayed up fairly late on Monday night (and by late, I'm mean 10:30, I try to get in bed by 9 on the nights before my runs). I ran around my neighborhood and the nearby school, blasting the new Taylor Swift CD just because I COULD. My splits were 12:47 and 13:30.

Week 5, Run 2
I had no excuse to not get up early on Thursday morning. I slept well, and when my alarm went off I felt rested. But my bed was just soo gosh darn warm.  So I slept in that extra hour, and I really have no regrets. I decided to run on my lunch break.

The minute I got to the park where I run, 3-4 school buses dropped off children to have lunch outside. I was like really?!? I did not want to run in front of a whole bunch of teenagers, but I didn't have any other options, so I did.

When I started running it felt really hard, I don't know why, just an off day. But I knew I just had to keep going. I felt a little better after a mile, but not by much. I felt slow and clumsy, I was sure my times would be awful. But they were decent, just not my best (13:05 and 14:10). But any run where I don't give up is a great run!

Week 5, Run 3
Saturday was the day of my big 5 miler.I have never ran further than 4 miles. I had been nervous about it all week, and I was really nervous when I woke up on Saturday morning. So I put it off. I spent the day in town with Adam, and then came home and took a nap, promising myself I would run after my nap. Which is what I did. Since it was late, and it was dark, I decided just to run around my block. I knew it would be a little bit boring with no changes in scenery (I would just be rounding my block 10 times). But it seemed like the best option. 

I loaded up some podcasts, did a short warm-up walk, took a deep breath, said a prayer, and then I took off. I figured I would not have the best times, since I tend to slow down a bit with each mile. But I had a secret goal to finish under 1:20, and I ended up finishing in 1:06! It was a hard work-out, but not unmanageable so, and I could have ran further if I had to. I managed not to lose more than a minute from my first mile time to my last mile time. My splits were 12:53, 13:02, 13:17, 13:36, and 13:47.

I was so proud of myself, the only other time I have ever felt that kind of pride was when I completed my first 5k running.

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