Sunday, July 16, 2017

Media Diet

I wanted to do a little round up of all the entertainment I'm currently loving:

My love of podcasts is still going strong and some current new favorites are The Hilarious World of Depression (I'm enjoying hearing people's various experiences with depression/anxiety), Popular Music (I love the dissection of all those catchy pop tunes), and Human Race (there are some serious inspiring stories about runners on there).

We don't have cable anymore (I swear that is so freeing), but our Netflix/Amazon Prime game is strong. Binge watching was created so you can fall desperately in love with a show only to be emotionally devastated when it is over correct?

I powered through Anne with an "E", such a beautiful retelling of Anne of Green Gables. I'm in the middle of season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I was fascinated by the documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest, that I watched with an HBO free trial. And Adam and I just started Twin Peaks, as we had never seen it before, such a weird show. But we dig it.

And did anyone else notice that you can now stream all of Unsolved Mysteries on amazon now with updates? Hello, Childhood. Always, always loved that show. 

I haven't read much lately, and I need to get back into that habit. But I have been listening to the audiobook The Lincolns. All about the marriage of Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln.


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