Sunday, February 28, 2016

Almost (Athens) Famous

Our local paper puts out a magazine called Limestone Live. And my mother contacted them about doing an article about my weight loss and running, and they ran with the story. I wasn't sure it was something I wanted to do, but now I'm kind of glad I did. It made me proud. You can click on the pictures below to read the article for yourself!

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Favorite Things: Podcasts (True Crime Edition)

It is no secret that I love podcasts! I even wrote a blog post about them a couple of years ago.  But that was only the start of my love of podcasts. It has grown exponentially since then. I listen to them when I'm commuting,  scrapbooking, working out, or doing parperwork at my job. 

One of the topics that has always interested me is true crime. Some people may find it morbid, but just from a psychological perspective it fascinates me. So for my first podcast round up, I wanted to share my favorite true crime podcasts.  

1. Generation Why
This podcast has been around for a while, and it has an extensive amount of episodes available for listening (I'm still working my way through the backlog). Not everyone  of their cases is about murder, although the vast majority of them are.  I really enjoy these guys style and how they break down the cases.

2. Casefile
This podcast just launched this year! I am enjoying it so far. It is run by one man  with a killer Australian accent. So far he has been covering cases I never head of (especially many Australian crime cases). 

3. True Crime Garage
This is also a newer podcast. But these guys are funny and serious all at the same time. They cover a good mixture of popular and lesser known cases. And as they say in every episode, I really like the cut of their jib. 

4. Missing Maura Murray
The disappearance of Maura Murray is one of the most intriguing disappearances of all time. And 12 years later, the case still remains unsolved.  This podcast covers the nuisances of the case. I'm all caught up now, and I'm dying for a new episode.

Suggested Episodes: If you Know Nothing about the Case Listen to What We Know, if you do know the basics, start at The Introduction.

5. Thinking Sideways
This may be my all-time favorite podcast. They cover a lot of true crime cases and disappearances (but other topics as well). The twist here is they are all unsolved cases. They have a good sense of humor (which I think sometimes gets them in trouble, judging by comments, but I get them).

6. Who Killed Elsie Frost?
This is a very short but interesting series on the unsolved UK murder of 14 year old Elsie Frost. There are no answers here, but I was touched by a sister and brother's search for answers. 

Suggested Episodes:  Start at the Beginning

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

W Girl Weekend

This last weekend was one of the weekends I look forward to the most and is always over way too fast! It was one of the weekends where my college girlfriends came to visit, and I loved every minute of it. And can I just say how much I love having a house big enough to hold my friends?

Even though everyone rolled into town Friday night and we stayed up late talking, the festivities didn't really kick off till Saturday! I have been really into Jamberry lately, and I agreed to host a little Jamberry party! We had a good time trying on wraps and just having some girl time. I bought 12 Krispee Kreme donuts to the party because I'm the hostess with the mostess.

It just so happened that Lark and Jana's birthday were in the upcoming week, and they were turning 30. In fact, by the end of May, we will all be 30 (I'm the baby)! That is crazy, knowing we have all been friends for 12 years now. Where has the time gone?

So before we headed out for some shopping and dinner, we stopped to get the birthday girls some birthday crowns (and "I'm 30" buttons of course). They looked so cute.

We shopped for a couple of hours, and then we stopped to get dinner and drinks at Bar Louie. Adam joined us. I assumed he would dress up, since we were dressed up, but I guess that never occurred to him (ha). I had never eaten there, and it was so good! They had quite an extensive menu of drinks, we each tried something different, and just passed them around.  The food was awesome too.

For dinner, I took them to one of my favorite local spots, Steel City Pops! They loved it just as much as I always do, that makes my heart happy.

The whole point of the weekend was to see the show Mamma Mia. Personally, I have seen Mamma Mia twice, and it has never not been amazing! It is hilarious, the music is awesome, and one of the best parts comes after the show wraps, when everyone is dancing in the aisles. I could see it again and again.

Sunday morning, I took Jana to Pure Barre, which is one of my work-out passions, and one she had been wanting to try. Of course, we took a Before & After picture. It was definitely a tough class, but I think she liked it!

We had pizza before everyone left for home. It was such a great weekend, I can't wait to do it all over again!

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 7

I am really diggin' the color scheme in this layout for week 7, as the colors pair so well with the week of L-O-V-E that is Valentine's Day (in my humble opinion).

On this side, I included our trivia night win, a little info about throwing out my back (the general instructions card), and trying the specialty Starbucks drink for V-day (showing off my V-day jamicure).

I also included a facebook status from my supervisor. That week she was telling me that she saw a coyote outside her window, and then that reminded me I had seen a coyote the week before AT WORK and forgot to mention it, I was in session at the time (which everyone teased me about, you know because I subjected everyone to death by coyote by not alerting them). The whole incident made it onto facebook, so I used the status as reminder of the crazy incident! 

The second half was Valentine's weekend proper. So it has our meal from Smash Burger and our gifts from each other. I loved the way I embellished the simple pocket card with the "Pink Makes Me Happy" piece, I actually got this off a pocket card.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valetine's Day Weekend Report

While I was still in a considerable amount of pain from throwing my back out Friday morning (lame), we did manage to get out and have a little fun on Saturday, when I felt a little better. After his and her's haircuts, we headed out for lunch at Smash Burger. I built a delicious avocado & goat cheese burger. Soo good. We completed some errands, and then grabbed some frozen yogurt at 32 degrees. Yellow Cake Batter yogurt with Conversation hearts? Don't mind if I do.

We took Linkerdoodles on a mile long walk at a nearby trail, just to get him out of the house a little bit, he had just seemed so bored lately. He seemed to really enjoy it.

When I woke on Valentine's day, I found a trail of apples leading down the stairs into the kitchen. I will admit that this threw me for a minute, until I remembered I had been wanting Snow White on Blu-Ray. That is exactly what I got, I was so excited! It was so creative and so funny. Everything I love in a surprise!

Not to mention Adam went out at 5:30 in the morning to Wal-mart to get it, since that was the only place open! He said he was trying to sneak out of the house and not disturb anyone. But right before he was stepping out the door, Link came running into the room, like he just caught Santa. So of course, Link had to go on the outing, since left behind, he sometimes cries. That would surly have woken me up. He said Link had fun though!

I had gifted Adam a Disney Infinity character he had been wanting, and I had picked up a sweet V-day pin back when I was in Disneyworld.

We really had a good holiday weekend. Luckily, my back is feeling a little better now, but now my leg hurts from walking "funny." Oh brother.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 6

Week 6 is in the books! Can anyone else believe that we are just flying through the New Year so fast?  I am still writing 2015 on all my papers. But I'm excited for February and all the girliness that comes with it. It really does feel like the month of love! Corny but true. 

On the left side, we have a few highlights from the week. My mother recently adopted a new dog, Luna. And that week, they finally got to meet! I took a work selfie and a picture of Adam looking alarming like his grandma, wrapped up in the new recliner. I also had captured a snapshot of the full gas tank (with a pretty sunburst). I did this because one of the little things that makes me most happy is when Adam will fill up my gas tank in the evening, so I don't have to get up extra early before work the next day. It really is simple gestures that mean the most some times. 

On the right side, I have a picture of my background on my work computer (a Peter Pan quote). I used a picture of a torn up fox toy, that Link had chewed up (he leaves them around the house as if he is showing off, and that amuses me). And a picture I took to show off my favorite slippers and love of hot cocoa (but of course, Link popped into the shot). And lastly, I featured our new furniture. 

Materials Used:
Hobby Lobby: Misc Wood Veneers 

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Five Things

Notes from this Week:

Monday is usually Trivia night for my mother, Adam, and me at a local Mexican joint. And this week was one of those rare weeks where we actually took 1st place! We were on a roll all night, and we knew most of the questions (that is a rarity). While we often will come in third, it always feels so good to win first place! Go Team Blueshell! 

I really am still loving Jamberry, and this week I gussied up my nails for Valentines' Day. I'm loving the hearts, red, and silver. I have gotten so many compliments on them, and it makes me happy every time I see them. I heart pretty nails!

Oh my gosh, how cute is our Linkers? There is basically no room for him to sit with me on the new recliner. But does that stop him? I think not. He still insists on cuddling with me, with his nose under my neck! It may not be entirely comfortable for me, but I kind of love it anyway. He adores his Mama. 

I did Pure Barre for the first time in a couple of months last week. I got so busy with marathon training, that I let that slide a bit. Not only did I forget how hard it is (hello, 3 days of soreness), I forgot how much I loved it! I love the challenge, and because it is so difficult, I always feel accomplished when it's done. I'm looking forward to spending more time at the Barre! Plus, cross training keeps things interesting! 

So this morning when I was getting ready for work, I bent over to pick something up and when I popped back up, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. For the first time ever, I threw out my back. I was in so much pain, I couldn't even straighten up, and I was walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame! I had to call in sick to work. I've spent the day on the couch with muscle relaxers, netflix, a heating pad, icy hot, and Link sleeping on top of me. I feel a little better tonight, but it's been a long day. I guess now that I'm 3 months from age 30, it is all down hill from here.  

P.S-I recently purchased a new domain due to my old one expiring and being more expensive than I wanted to pay. Old address was New address is

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

What We are Watching (Now that We Don't Have Cable)

For the second year in a row, as soon as the Packers' football season was over, we cut our cable. Last year, I got really nervous about this, not that I was really watching much TV, but it seemed like a drastic move. However, with netflix and the like, I didn't miss it too much. Plus, it saved us a lot of money! So that made it worth it.

One of the benefits of not having cable is we are watching more shows together. We are both crazy about Mad Men (On the 4th season, no spoilers). And we continue to share with each other two of our all-time favorite shows, West Wing (his) and Gilmore Girls (mine). And I'm so excited about the reunion of Gilmore Girls, I could burst!

I am finally finishing The Tudors, which I started eons ago. Although I keep expecting to have a "Grey Gardens" moment while watching it, since I wasn't quite sure where I left off the last time I stopped watching the series. And if you are wondering what a "Grey Gardens" moment is, I will explain.

A couple of years ago, I rented the movie Grey Gardens. Adam kept telling me I had already watched it, but I didn't believe him. However, half way through the show one of the actresses did something that kicked off something in my memory, and I realized I had seen it!  But no Grey Gardens moment quite yet.

Adam has been watching the X-Files reboot online. And I have recently started watching the People vs. OJ Simpson. I have been interested in that case since the world followed it, when I was just 10 years old. It was the first big crime case I even recall.

And when there is nothing to watch? I follow about a million podcasts,  and I have plenty of books to read!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 5

I finally got that little snafu fixed from last week, where I mislabeled my weeks, and this is my REAL week 5. I love the Pinks, Yellows, and Blues in January's Studio Calico kit.

On the left side, I documented Adam's ever growing Disney infinity collection, a recent new recipe, my current Starbucks fave, my little corner in my office, and a much loved picture of Adam & Linkey. 

On the right side, I included a picture of the Disney Parks edition of Candyland (I brought it back from Disney for my office), our Saturday date day, my new Alex & Ani bracelet, and a picture of my playbill from the Beauty & the Beast play. 

By the way, still loving the 9 by 12 format!

Materials Used:

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