Sunday, October 26, 2014

Disney Princess Half-Marathon Training Week 4

Week 4, Run 1
I originally planned to keep to the regular running schedule this week, and I would just redo my failed weekend run on Saturday. But I got the idea on Monday night, I should just make my scheduled 30 minute run a 4 miler. So that is what I did. I got up 30 minutes earlier at 5 a.m., than I do for my typical run (omg, I am becoming a morning runner). 

I started my History Chicks podcast (this one about Julia Child), and hit the road. I ran a few blocks from the house around a fairly big intermediate school. It felt tough, but not as tough as it did this weekend. My splits were a little slow, but none were over 14:49. That typically happens if I skip a run.

I haven't done 4 miles in months, and it felt good to accomplish that. 4 miles is as far as I've ever gone, so in two weeks when I have to do 5, that will be a challenge. 

Week 4, Run 2
I ended up doing my run on my lunch break, and it was a beautiful day. Adam had dropped me off at work that morning because he had a friend in town, and they needed the car to bum around (we only have one car). So I ended up doing my warm-up by walking to the park where I usually run when I'm at work. The run went well, I wasn't really thrilled with my times for my two miles, but I don't get caught up with my speed too much. My first mile was 13:21 and my second one was 13:54.   Who am I to complain? When I first started running I was doing a 20 minute mile!

Week 4, Run 3
I woke up Saturday morning with sore legs. I'm not even sure why. I wasn't sore on Friday, so I don't think it was from my workout. But my calf muscle in my leg felt like I had had a charlie horse in it that I didn't stretch out properly. I was on the fence about whether I should run on it or not. So I took it easy all day Saturday, and after a nap,  I decided to go out for an evening run. I figured if it hurt, I would stop.

I had three miles on the schedule. I warmed up, and then I ran around the neighborhood and this nearby school I've gotten into the habit of running at because it has plenty of circular pathways. I was sore, but it didn't hurt while running, so I was able to finish the workout with no problem.  

I was super happy with my times for the three miles (12:41, 12:54, and 13:19).  That is an average speed of 4.6! I am a little extra sore on that muscle today, but I hope it will feel better by Tuesday.

In other news,  I signed up for a 10k on November 15th! Jana will be joining me, so we can update our race times for Disney and hopefully get a higher corral placement.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

WDW Virtual Countdown Chain: 17 Weeks to Go

17 weeks to go! I can't believe it. Thursday, my WDW Countdown app pinged me to say it was 120 days before our vacation, and I couldn't believe it. It seems so close, almost too close, considering I need to be able to run 13.1 miles by then!

For the countdown this week, I thought I would focus on New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom! This is one of the "lands" I'm most excited for.

Day 119: The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
This is the newest ride in Walt Disney World, and it has a lot of great buzz.  It is supposed to be fun, and has excellent theming. I'm sure we will love it.

Day 118: The Classic Dumbo Ride
How can you go to WDW and not ride Dumbo? I remember being pleasantly surprised at how high you actually go on this ride when I was in Disneyland. It is actually quite a bit of fun. 

Day 117: Meet Gaston
I am really excited about meeting Gaston, especially since I'm dressing as Belle for marathon day! I just can't wait to tell him how burly and brawny he is.

Day 116: Enchanted Tales with Belle
This is another newish attraction at WDW, less of a ride and more of a story reenactment. You better believe I going to volunteer to be part of the play. I also can't wait to take pictures of Maurise's Cottage.

Day 115: Prince Eric's Castle
Yes, I am all about Beauty and the Beast, but a 2nd favorite would have to be The Little Mermaid, so I can't wait to see Prince Eric's Castle as well!

Day 116: Rapunzel Rest Area
This is just a small thing, but I think the floating lanterns look really pretty. Plus the girl's bathroom here is decorated like Rapunzel painted the walls and ceilings!

Day 115: Meet Aerial at her Grotto
She is one of the top characters on my list that I just have to meet! I'm hoping to meet her both as a mermaid and as a human. 

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Decor in our New Home

I think one of my favorite things about living in our very own home is finally getting to decorate for the holidays. Although I decorated our apartment last year, it was on a smaller scale. So it was fun to add decor both inside and out this year.  Apparently, I've learned that I have a love for scarecrows?? I have no idea why, I just do.

Also, I love the decorations on the kitchen table. People, we finally have a real grown-up kitchen table after 5 and a half years of marriage! For years, we had no room in the places we lived for one. And in the apartment last year, we made our priority having a treadmill instead of a table (I still think that was a good choice, that DREADMILL has served us well). We got this wonderful table as a housewarming gift from a family friend. It is beautiful, and we love being able to have real meals together, especially on Sunday nights, when we sit down and I eat my small meal and Adam eats the spaghetti I make him.

Fall is such an amazing season, probably my favorite season. Getting to decorate for it in our new home, just makes it even better. 

I was so excited for our fall decor, I made a page about it in my Project Life Album. I used the studio calico kit, The Underground, for this project. Click the picture to enlarge.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Disney Princess Half-Marathon Training Week 3

Week 3, Run 1 

Oh Monday night was full of trail and tribulations, or at least the type of trail and tribulations that worked together as a force to keep me from not sleeping. We had an extremely bad storm Monday night, that knocked out our power on Monday for hours! We had nothing to do but sit in the dark. I probably dozed off & on on the couch till about 9, and woke up when the power kicked back on by 9:30. I guess my body treated that as a nap, and I could not get back to sleep forever. And then the storm, kicked the power back off after I finally got to sleep. Which is only a problem because when it kicked back on, it turned on our overhead lights in the bedroom. Waking me up and keeping me up for hours again!

I was so exhausted when my alarm went off, and I had to get ready for work. All day long I dreaded my run because I was tired.  When 6 o'clock rolled around, I thought about skipping it, or just cutting myself some slack and walking it. But I decided I couldn't do it. I actually ended up with decent splits, 13:14 for my first mile and 14:04 for my second. Not too shabby for having no energy. 

But I'm most proud that I didn't use how I felt as an excuse not to give it my all!

Week 3, Run 2

I got my run done in the afternoon because all Thursday I was a bit under the weather. But even though I was under the weather, the weather was BEAUTIFUL.   It was around 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, which was nice due to all the bad weather we have been having lately.

I decided to just do my run around the neighborhood. Just 4 loops around the block. I started my run, and I felt like I was doing pretty good. But I was shocked when my app told me I had completed my first mile in 12:53!! I have never done a mile under 13 minutes, I almost cried with happiness. I was so proud! My second mile was 13:28, still excellent for me.

I'm so happy with the speed progress I am making. 

Week 3, Run 3

I am unhappy to report, that I have had a rough weekend. I've been very sick with a problem I can't share publicly, that has left me feeling week.   I tried to run both on Saturday and on Sunday, and both times I had to quit because I could not breathe. I understand that it is my body's way of telling me I need to rest and recuperate. I hate missing a work-out! But I will pick it up Tuesday. My plan is to switch things around and try again for 4 miles next Saturday (instead of the three on schedule). I can do this.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

#100 Happy Days-The Week that Was

This weekend has been a rough one folks. I've been sick again like I was last month (ugh). Which at times, has left me feeling depressed because I can't get out and do anything (So lame). But I am feeling better now, so we will see how the week goes. There were some positives this weekend: the Packer's blew out the Panthers, I beat a really hard level in the Lion King game Adam bought me (that I had as a child), and Adam has been taking such great care of me (best husband ever).

Here is the week that was Oct 11th-Oct 18th:

Day 85-I stayed home under our cozy Packer's blanket for the game. Some Sunday mornings, there is nothing better than staying home and watching some football.

Day 86-I picked up some Halloween Pencils to give out to the kiddos I work with as treats instead of candy. I would eat the candy! I also put out some other office Halloween decor. 

Day 87- So digging Taylor Swift's new song. But don't I always love her stuff?

Day 88-One of my favorite shows is back on! I love my Top Chef  Wednesday.

Day 89-Everyone can keep their pumpkin spice lattes, I'm getting my fall fix with Caramel Apple Pie Greek yogurt. 

Day 90-I went out to eat at P.F. Changs after a Doctors appointment with my mother. It was nice to see they painted their horse statue pink for breast cancer awareness month. 

Day 91-Adam and I typically put on Golden Girls as background noise late on Saturday nights. They make us laugh. 

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Friday, October 17, 2014

WDW Virtual Countdown Chain: 18 Weeks to Go

It's Friday, which means it is time for another Walt Disney World Countdown. This time I wanted to focus on our Advanced Dining Reservations, which we are all uber excited about. Or at least Jana and I are. It's funny, Monday night we had a huge storm, and we spent the whole evening without power. At one point, I turned to Adam and was like, "Let me tell you all about our Disney Dining Reservations." And he actually listened :)

Yet again, I know I will only been having a few bites, but it doesn't keep me from getting excited about the experience of it all. I'm still a foodie at heart.

Day 126-Boma: Flavors of Africa
This is where we plan to eat our first night in Disney after we attend the race expo! Actually, we have a really early dinner reservation here, so we can go to bed early to get up early for the half marathon.  This is an African food buffet (with American selections) that I just keep hearing rave reviews about. I'm so excited to have some Bobote. We had this at a South African friend's wedding, and it was delicious.

Day 125-Fulton's Crab House 
For our post half-marathon dinner, we chose Fulton's Crab House in Downtown Disney. This will be our reward for finishing our journey. I don't think there will be any better way to celebrate our accomplishment than having dinner on this replica of an authentic riverboat!

Day 124-50's Prime Time Cafe
For lunch at our day in Hollywood Studios, we booked a reservation at 50's Prime Time Cafe. It has a 50's theme (of course), but it's real claim to fame is how the waiter/waitress (called Cousins) chide you about finishing your vegetables, washing your hands, and keeping your elbows off the table.

Day 123-Tony's Town Square Restaurant
For lunch at our Day at the Magic Kingdom, we have a reservation at Tony's Town Square Restaurant. It is based on the restaurant where Lady & The Tramp had their first kiss! Maybe Adam's and I's noses could bump over a shared meatball?

Day 122-Be Our Guest
My excitement level for this Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant is UNREAL. If this was an excitement based countdown, this would be number one. I just can't wait to try the Grey Stuff (it's delicious)!

Day 121-Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
On the last day of our trip, Jana and I are doing a Disney princess character breakfast in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. I feel like character dining is a can't miss experience for Disney, and I just can't wait to do this with one of my best friends.

Day 120-Gaston's Tavern
We don't have a reservations for Gaston's, as it is just a little eatery that we are planning to have breakfast at. I'm just excited to explore this little place, that reminds me so much of my favorite Disney movie, and plus he uses antlers in all of his decorating!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Geekiest Pumpkins on The Block

This is our second year carving pumpkins together for Halloween. Last year, we tried our hand at making a ghost. We loved our ghost so much, that we decided we wanted to do something even more challenging this year. We got down to business Sunday night (after one of the best Packer's games to watch ever). 

I decided I wanted to do the Cheshire Cat (Disney's Alice in Wonderland style), and Adam wanted to do a Mario themed pumpkin, so we found a Goomba!  Is that not the geekiest thing you have ever heard? The funny thing is our neighborhood skews older demographically, so I doubt anyone will know what a Goomba is. But oh well.

I think we did a pretty decent job overall. Who knows what we will do next year.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Princess Half-Marathon Training Week 2

Week 2, Run 1

At 2 a.m on Tuesday, I was awaken by an awful storm. It was crazy bad! I really think it was two storms at once, the way the thunder rumbled non-stop. I'm not scared of storms, but we are pet sitting for my mother, and her dog, Carlee, came bolting into our bedroom in a panic! I calmed her down, but I could not get back to sleep for hours (even after both Carlee and Adam were snoring, I was a little bitter).  I finally felt myself nodding off about 4:30, so I turned off my wake up to run alarm, knowing I needed that extra hour to get through my day. 

I was a little annoyed not to get to knock it out early, as I had every intention to do. I even went to bed early in preparation, but such is life. Instead I was able to squeeze it in on my lunch break! That can be tricky because I need to make sure I don't get too sweaty before going back to work. 

I ran in a local park near my office for 30 minutes as scheduled. It is funny because I felt kind of slow and clumsy during the run, but I ended doing my fastest splits ever, 13:08 and 13:38. I believe that 13:08 in my fastest mile ever, so I'm pleased. When I break that 13 minute mile, I'm going to celebrate! 

After  my run, I went to Moe's, and celebrated with a taco that I had carefully built to meet my calorie and protein needs. It was delicious.

Week 2, Run 2

This run started out with much less drama than the one before. I went to bed early the night before, with some complaints from my husband (apparently, he likes to spend time with me). There was no storm to wake me up in the middle of night, and I was able to get up when my alarm first sounded.

I decided to do a run around the neighborhood and by a short nearby trail. I was hoping I would be as fast as Tuesday.   But I wasn't. Who knows why. Maybe I was less warmed-up, maybe this route is harder, but my two splits were 13:44 and 14:13. Boo. I'm not worried about it though, I'm sure my splits will get more consistent as I go. 

Week 2, Run 3

Saturday, I had to do my run on the treadmill due to the gloomy weather outside. What a bummer, the treadmill is so tough anyway, and I had to go 3 miles for the first time since my last 5k. If you remember, my last treadmill run I struggled greatly, having to bump down my speed after going a mile. This time I was determined to be consistent for all 3 miles. 

I set my treadmill at 4.3mph to start the run. Last time, I struggled with that same pace, even though it is just a 14 minute mile.  The pace didn't feel as hard as last time until the last mile. I had to block my stats so I couldn't see them, as staring at it was KILLING MY SOUL. 

But I was able to run the same pace for all 3 miles, with no adjustments. I'm so proud of that! Next treadmill run, I will bump it up to 4.4mph. I will keep doing that till I get a even faster treadmill pace. When I first started working out on the treadmill, I could only go 3.0 mph, so I've made a lot of progress.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

9 Month Surgiversery

I recently rang in 9 months since my surgery! I can't even believe it! I feel like overall things have been going so well. I mentioned a few months ago, I was struggling a little bit with hair thinning, but that seems like it has been resolving itself lately. I also had a minor health issue a few weeks ago, that wasn't necessarily related to my surgery, more related to all the unhealthy years I lived in this body before that. It is not something blog-worthy, but even though it was awful to go through, having gone through it spells out great things for my future. Sorry for the vagueness!

I thought for this particular surgiversery post, I would post 9 positive things happening in my life right now related to my weight loss:

1. I am no longer scared to go to the doctor and step on the scale. I used to avoid going to the Doctor because I was always terrified they would say something about my weight. But now I have no fear of the Doctor or the scale. 

2. I have a collarbone, shoulder bones, and hip bones that I can feel! I never even knew those existed.

3. I am 15 lbs away from being under 200 pounds, A.K.A Onederland. The last time I remember being under 200 pounds, I was in 6th grade and weighed 180lbs. 

4. When I used to tell people I was a runner, I would quantify it with, "but I'm so slow." I never thought people would believe such a fat girl would work out. Now I don't feel the need to quantify it. I can proudly say I am a runner.

5. People are always commenting on how pretty my eyes are nowadays. This never happened before. I think as I've lost weight in my face, my eyes have become more pronounced.

6. I have more energy overall. I can do more things before I feel fatigued, and I often wake up before my alarm goes off, ready to go. I can get up in the morning, go for a run, followed by a 10 hour work-day, and still find a little energy to do some chores after work.

7. With our upcoming trip to Disneyworld and Universal, I have no fears that I won't be able to fit on the rides. I know I can. I used to worry about that every time I went to a theme park. Many rides, I wouldn't even attempt, which was sad, because I love rides!

8. Although I hate constantly outgrowing clothes and having to buy new ones, it is fun to be a size 18/20 now, after so many years of being a size 26/28.

9.  I feel like a more worthwhile person now. I know it sounds sad, but I didn't always feel worthy of love or respect because I was fat. I felt like a weak person with no self-control. I know my value had nothing to do with my weight. And I wished it didn't take me losing all this weight to really begin loving myself. But that is just the facts for me. A little self-love is better late than never.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Week that Was-#100 Happy Days

After this week, I have TWO count them TWO WEEKS of this 100 happy days project left. I'm getting there, ever so slowly. I was looking back at my first weeks, and I can't believe I started doing this back in August, when I was at the beach. It seems so long ago. 

Here is the week that was this week:

Day 78: I was looking for a warmer shirt to wear, and I decided to try on this long sleeve shirt I got two years ago at the Veteran's Day 10k.  When I got it, it didn't even come close to fitting. Now it fits perfectly! Small victories! 

Day 79: Monday was Mad Hatter's Day, due to the fact that the Mad Hatter wears a hat the says 10/6. What better way to celebrate than posting a picture of this silly fellow?

Day 80-I got my October Studio Calico kit in the mail and it is so lovely.

Day 81-I have to read 25 pages in my book a day to have it finished in time for book club this month. There is no better way to get it done than sitting on the deck in Adam's Ninja Turtle Pjs, hanging with Carlee.

Day 82-Finished my run before 6:30 a.m. on Thursday. I love stepping outside when it's dark and watching the sun come up as I get my work-out in.

Day 83- My mom gifted me a pedicure for pet sitting her dog this week. So I enjoyed an hour of pampering on Friday, and I got my toes painted a lovely gold for Autumn.

Day 84- My post work-out  lunch may not look like much to others. But this toasted coconut greek yogurt mixed with cocoa roasted almonds and sugar free salted caramel syrup rocked my world today.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

WDW Virtual Countdown Chain: 19 Weeks to Go

I've thought about not going with this idea because oh you know, my whole blog is becoming consumed with Disney lately. But to be honest, my whole life is devoted to Disney trip planning right now.  I think this is because we started planning this trip so far ahead of time. I always get this passionate about vacations. I read everything I can and make so many plans. But I usually don't have this much time to do that. Combine that with my recent obsession with Disney podcasts, I'm about to burst!

I thought it would be fun to do a weekly countdown, while we are getting ready for our trip. I got this idea from the Disney Hipster blog.

This post is going to concentrate on Hollywood Studios. The first park we are planning to visit. Items in no particular items of excitement!

Day 133-Tower of Terror
Many moons ago, I watched a documentary on Disney and was impressed by the Tower of Terror ride. I didn't get to ride it in Disneyland, and I'm totally terrified about riding it and free falling all those floors. It is that kind of thrill that has me so excited.

Day 132: Carrot Cake Cookie
Obviously, I won't be able to eat this, I will only be able to take a bite of it. But I have heard so many amazing things about this Carrot Cake Cookie, I MUST track it down.

Day 131-Walt: One Man's Dream
I'm such a history nerd, so this little Walt Disney Museum is so right up my ally. I can't wait to see all the artifacts and watch the film at the end!

Day 130-Sci-Fi Dine In
I'm so excited for our reservations at the Sci-Fi Dine in. Where we dine in cars, and we get to watch cheesy, Horror flick clips. I've heard the food is so-so, but I rarely pay attention to reviews! I am just looking forward to the atmosphere.

Day 129: Fantasmic
Um, how could I not be excited about a 30 minute water/firework show?

Day 128: Toy Story Midway Mania!
This is supposed to be one of the most fun attractions in Hollywood Studios! I loved the Toy Story ride at Disneyland, I wonder if this one will be even better?

Day 127: Getting Jana This Mac N' Cheese Cone
OK, so this is one of things my travel companion is so excited about getting. And I'm up to trying this. I love Mac n' Cheese, Bacon Strips, and Bread cones! So why not? So scoring this for her will be one of our top priorities!  

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