Monday, November 20, 2017

The Weekend Report

I had a pretty good weekend this week, as it is was one of the first weekends I finally started to feel a bit better, have a little energy, and not be in pain post excess skin removal surgery (I really need to do post all about that, since I haven't had an easy go at it, at all).

Adam left early Saturday morning with Linkee to go spend Thanksgiving with his family in Wisconsin. It's a long story, as to why I'm not going. But no one need worry about me, since I will be spending it with some friends. But I will miss him dearly. 

On Saturday, my friend Lark and I had made a date to go to the Gingerbread Market in Huntsville, which was a big, Christmas shopping marketplace. And it was such an enjoyable morning. First of all, every time Lark and I get together we talk a million miles a minute and seem to have so much to catch up on.

Second of all, the market was big and had such cute stuff.

I ended up buying two wooden door hangers. I'm kind of in love with cotton fields, and I thought the cotton ball that said, "Welcome," is so very perfect for fall. And then I got the cute fox for the Winter months. 

We both got these Mad Scientist candles. What was so interesting about them is once the wax burns, you can blow out the candle, and then use the wax as a lotion! So cool. 

We of course got some treats. There was the always delicious Piper & Leaf tea in Cherry Christmas flavor. I also got this super moist and creamy Pecan Praline bundt cake. Soo amazing.

The outing wore me out for sure, and I spent the rest of Saturday napping.

Sunday, I managed to get a little crafting done which felt good, as I haven't had much energy to spare lately. I made a page for my November Project Life spreads. I love the Homespun studio calico kit sooo much.

I also started on my 2018 "All About My Selfie" album. I made a title page, and I made a page about my goals for 2018.

Some where between all that, I watched a million classic episodes of Survivor, stayed up way too late, and cleaned up my craft room.

I have a little bit of Sunday night blahs. But I'm happy to have a really short work week, and I'm ready for Thanksgiving.


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Sunday, November 19, 2017

W Girls Do Disney 2017 Trip Report: Part 4

Day 4 was Hollywood Studio day. But before heading to the park, we had breakfast at O'hanas at the Polynesian. Stitch is at the top of my list of favorite Disney characters, and even though I've been to Disney so many times, I have yet to meet him, so I was pumped.

Stitch did not disappoint. He danced with us and he "licked" us, and when he discovered Anna lived in Tupelo (the birth place of Elvis), he was ecstatic!  And at O'hanas instead of the Mickey waffles, they have Stitch waffles! The whole morning was perfection. Meeting Stitch is probably my most favorite character meet so far! 

Many people are down on Hollywood Studios lately. And I totally understand why. They have shut down so much to make way for the new (Star wars land & Toy Story land), but I always enjoy my time here, and I am able to spend a full day here easily. Many times it feels like a much needed slow down day, after so much go, go, go. 

One of the new things I noticed about HS park this trip that I loved, is all the Star wars touches they have added. Several times during the day the Storm Troopers marched around the park, and I loved that! 

Our trip was a few weeks before the release of the live action Beauty & the Beast film. We were so excited to have the opportunity to see Belle's yellow dress & the rose prop from the movie. We also got to watch the first 15 minutes of the movie, we were so excited! 

We had some really great, new character meet n' greets this trip. Olaf was really cute but he was very tough to hug, and he did not feel very "marshmellowy." I loved his summer oasis though.

But Chewbacca was the star. He was hilarious! He "coughed" up a furball, and he gave it to Jana. We were all rollin. And Chewie was very huggable. 

After a day of shows and a few rides, we finished off with dinner at Hollywood Brown Derby. I had never eaten there before, and I loved the classic decor and delicious food.  

The next day was actually Mardi Gras, and we spent it at Universal. I will be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Universal. It doesn't hold the same magic and appeal for me as Disney does. I do not feel compelled to keep going back again. Outside of Harry Potter world it is just kind of "meh" to me. But Anna had not been to Universal before, so we were all game to go.

We all bought some special beads, and we had some character fun before we headed to Harry Potter World. We met a minion and Beetle juice. Beetle juice was funny and "gross" of course. He pretended to lick us. And I got some coffee, and I wanted to take a "cute picture" with it. 

In Harry Potter World, we enjoyed Butter beer and lunch at three broomsticks. Anna was picked to participate in the Olivander's ceremony, and she designed her own wand. And I rode dueling dragons and Gringott's bank ride for the first time ever. 

We left early afternoon from Universal. Jana and I went for a swim and a dip in the hot tub back at the resort. We had dinner at the food court, and we all got king cake and beignets to celebrate the holiday. We spent the evening packing, as we were headed out the next day after a morning at Animal Kingdom.


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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Link's Mini Album

I mentioned in my September Monthly round-up that I had planned to use this Zelda themed journal from Hobby Lobby to make a mini-album about Link. I have been having a lot of fun with it so far for many reasons.

For one, most of pages have only taken me a few minutes to put together. I also like being able to use up some of my scrappin' stash I've accumulated over the years.  And not to mention, it is just fun  to try something a little different.

But most importantly, I'm kind of obsessed with Link, so there's that.

The inside cover of the book was already printed with a map from the game. I did not worry about coordinating with that page, when I made my title page.

For the title page, I just cut up some scrapbooking paper, framed the white space with some washi tape (I feel the words-hi/hello are perfect for a starter page), and I stamped Link's name repeatedly.

On the next page, I typed some journaling on a 4 X 6 pocket page card all about Link's adoption from the pound. I had some pet themed cards from a journal card set from Studio Calico, and I used some chipboard pieces from there as well.  Isn't the sentiment that, "In a perfect world, every pet would have a home and every home would have a pet," just perfect for this project?

This is probably my favorite page so far. I love how it turned out, both cute and simple. These pictures are from Link's first few days with us. I wrote about what it was like just having a puppy in the home again.

For decoration, I used repeating star embellishments. The green ones are vellum and the yellow stars are stickers. The up & up card is from an Ali Edwards kit. Then I framed the pictures with an alpha set to make a title.

I can't wait to make more, and I will share as soon as I do.


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Monday, November 6, 2017

Monthly Roundup: October 2017

October has been a weird month for me. It has both flown by and dragged on. It was the month I had my skin removal surgery, which ultimately was harder than I anticipated. I ended up being out of work two and a half weeks, and I struggled with pain from my drainage sites. I'm super proud of myself for going back to work last week, as I did not feel well. Somehow I was able to compartmentalize the pain during the work day, but as soon as I left work, I was almost rendered disabled by the pain. I'm still struggling with that pain, and pretty immobile at home, but I'm hopeful I will be able to get rid of my drains soon. 

It is safe to say I've spent tons of time online this month, and I spent a lot of time watching TV. I'm happy I have the CBS all access pass, as it has allowed me to watch all these back seasons of Survivor. I've never watched it before, and I'm enjoying it. 

Football this year has been a little ho hum for me and Adam this year. Not only is our quarterback out with a broken collar bone, but so many players that are fun to watch are out too. And don't even get me started on my Fantasy Football season. I literally can't win for losing, and I'm losing horrendously. But Adam is doing OK, so maybe he can pull off the win this year! 

We have had incredibly mild Fall weather so far, which I am finding disappointing as I love chilly days. But the trees are FINALLY starting to change colors, and I'm happy about that. I'm still wearing leggings and boots all the time however, because I love Fall fashion, regardless of the temperature. I am also happy about daylight savings time ended because I love it getting darker earlier. I feel like I'm a rare bird in that aspect. Everyone else seems to be complaining.

This month we made some fun purchases. Adam got the new Nintendo Switch, which he was super pumped about. He has been playing a lot of Mario Odyssey lately, which is an adorable game, and it looks like it is a lot of fun. I found out that one of my favorite podcasts, My Favorite Murder, is doing a live show in Nashville in a few months. I was able to grab a ticket for me and a friend, and I'm more than a little pumped.  

Halloween was very low key this year. I didn't end up buying a costume for me or Link this year as planned. I realized that Halloween fell on the night of my bowling league, so we couldn't hand out candy to the trick or treaters. So I spent the evening at the alley, hanging with my team, and cheering on Adam who is still bowling in my place due to me being in recovery. But I did celebrate by eating too much candy, and I wore my Nightmare before Christmas LulaRoe Leggings, that everyone seemed to like. I couldn't get that "This is Halloween" song out of my head all day.

Now that is it November, I'm looking forward to a calm month. I will hopefully get my drains out, and I will be able to resume a workout routine. There are some movies I want to see, and I have a few plans with friends. And I really can't wait for that long, Thanksgiving weekend!


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Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Grown Up Christmas List

I thought it would be fun to put together a little grown up Christmas list of stuff I'm craving right now.  Adam and I have actually decided to keep it to small gifts this year, we seem to enjoy that more than going all "out," even though we could. Small Christmas celebrations with Adam remind me of those Christmases we spent solo in California, where we would only exchange small trinkets or items like PJ pants. They always felt so special, since we had so little money.

Truthfully, most things now a days that either one of us really wants, we can get on our own. And Christmas is crazy enough, that I would much rather use our money on the gifts for our family members or save for upcoming vacations (we are going to Disney for a few days this December).

But it's still fun to dream right? So here are a few things expensive and inexpensive items I would love to see underneath the Christmas tree:

1. Hey Arnold Complete Series
Hey Arnold! was one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger. I watched it all the time, and I honestly imagine I will find it even more funny as an adult. It seems like one of those kids' shows that would have some hidden humor for adults.There are some episodes and jokes that I still remember even though I haven't seen this show in decades. Anyone else remember, "Stoop Kid is afraid to leave his Stoop?" 

2. Craft a Life You Love by Amy Tangerine
I recently heard an old podcast episode that had an interview with Amy Tangerine. I've have always admired her craftiness, but I had never heard anything about her book. The interview got me really excited to read this book, and it is actually part workbook as well. I don't mind a little self-improvement homework!

3. Canon Selphy Printer 
I typically order all my prints through persnickety for my project life spreads, and they are excellent quality. We do have a printer at home, and if there is a picture I really want/need, I will print it out on some photo paper. But I have never been pleased with the quality. I've heard good things about these printers, and I love that they are small and portable. I can keep it in my craft room upstairs and never disrupt the flow of crafting time by having to stop and go downstairs. Because when I do that, I typically get distracted.

4. Instax Camera
I use to love those old poloroid cameras, and I love the look of the instax prints. I think it would offer me a variety, when it comes to different types of pictures in my albums!  I think this is one that is going to be hard to not buy for myself for Christmas! I'm obsessed with them right now. 

5. Raskog Ikea Cart
I see these all over the place when I look at pictures of other peoples' craft rooms, and I know exactly what I would like to store in it. I would love to organize my stamps in it. I don't do much stamping, but I feel that if it was out in the open then I would use them more. We don't have an IKEA near us, but we pass by one when we drive to Disney, and I might just have to convince Adam to let us stop by. I have my eye of the grey one, since my room is yellow/grey/white/soft pinks. 

6.  Dry Bar Tress Press 
I've been obsessed with Drybar since I got my blowout there during my trip to Las Vegas. Their dry shampoo is phenomenal, I love the smell of the on the rocks shampoo/conditioner, and I use the Hoddy Toddy heat protection serum before I straighten my hair. I have had the same straightener for 5-6 years. It was 20 dollars from target, and it works fairly well. I just feel like it might be time for a upgrade. And isn't that butter cup yellow super cute?


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Saturday, October 28, 2017

W Girls Do Disney 2017 Trip Report: Part 3

Our 2nd park day was to my favorite park, Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is always the epitome of Disney magic for me. I will say our day got off to a rocky start though, it is kind of a long story. But we were basically verbally attacked by a family for "line jumping" when getting on the bus to the parks, which we definitely didn't do. And it was definitely #petty (as we joked through out the day, any one else see that Jimmy Fallon skit)?

But can was talk about how cute we were in our matching outfits and ears? We had decided we would dress alike on MK day, and I found some cute matching shirts and ears off of etsy. We got so many compliments throughout the day.

The highlights of this day were riding Peter Pan first (per tradition), dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant, and all the rides that were basically walk-ons after half the park left after the  firework show. So many of the rides just feel different at night, especially Splash Mountain & Big Thunder Mountain. And believe it or not, no ride scares me more than Splash Mountain, it's that big drop! Gets my heart racing every time.

I ate at Pinocchio's Villiage Haus for the first time, which wasn't bad, and we of course loved our dole whips.

I however did lose my phone when it fell through the cracks of the seat on the Peter Pan ride, but through the magic of Disney, they were able to mail it back to me a week later (which explains the decrease in the amount of pictures taken the rest of the trip). All of the pics going forward, I got from memory maker or from my friend's phone.

When I realized I would not have my phone for the rest of the week (and I didn't know if I would ever get it back at that point), I decided to not make a big deal of it. I could have been really upset, but I decided not to let it ruin my day or damper my friends' fun.

But I will say not having my phone allowed me to be more present, and I only missed it when my friends were checking their phones at dinner, and I had nothing to occupy me.

We closed down Magic Kingdom that night, just the way I like to roll in Disney.


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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My Favorite Project Life Layouts: Jan-June 2017

These are some of my favorite layouts from the first half of this year. I did monthly project life this year, instead of weekly. I also used the layout size 6 X 12.  So some months were busy, and they had many layouts. While other months only had 2 layouts. I always made one layout a month, which served as a title page of sorts, with miscellaneous photos. Looking at the layouts I decided to feature, apparently they were usually my favorites! 

Most of these layouts featured products from Studio Calico's Documenter Kits. Disney Layout is from Say Cheese/Simple Stories line.

Faith Hill/Tim Mcgraw Concert + Set List & March for Science

My 31st Birthday Layout.

This layout was from my trip to Lexington.

Stay Tuned for the 2nd Half of 2017 at the end of year! 

Always, B

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