Sunday, September 27, 2015

Disneyland 2015: Digital Scrapbooking Pages Part 2

These pages cover my first day in Disneyland. I actually ended up doing a lot of park hopping on this trip, so I've decided to organize my album by park rather than chronologically. These pages are my Disneyland title page, The Diamond Celebration, Minnie & Friends Breakfast (2 pages), Fantasyland rides, The Tiki Room, Blue Bayou, and the Jungle Cruise ride  (combined with Splash Mountain from later on in the trip). Read about the events from these photos here.

Materials Used:
Project Mouse
Tutorial on Extracting Autographs

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Disneyland 2015 Trip Report: Part Two

Is there anything more exciting than waking up and getting ready for your first day in the parks of a Disney trip? I think not! I donned my Mickey shirt and matching custom made 60th celebration ears just for the occasion! So many people asked me where I got my ears while in the parks, so in case you were wondering, I got them from this seller on ETSY.

I have to say main street and the castle were looking pretty spiffy for the Diamond Celebration. Everyone always says Cinderella's Castle in Disney world is more impressive, and it definitely is. But I have a soft spot for Sleeping Beauty's Castle, as it's the first one I ever saw. I find it charming, and pink, and girly in the best way.

First up on the agenda was the Minnie & Friends breakfast at the Plaza Inn on Main street. I love a character breakfast, because one of the things I love most about Disney is meeting characters! And the plaza had such a random assortment of characters!  We met Captain Hook, Eeyore, The Fairy Godmother, Chip, Dale, Tigger, Max, Minnie, and Rafiki!

My two favorite meet and greets were Captain Hook and Dale. Hook was hilarious, I brought up crocodiles and he pretended to be scared. He also kept running off with people's race medals from earlier in the day, pretending to "pirate them." Dale said he couldn't run because of his big tummy, and I said that's how I lost my tummy, so that is why he should run. So I think I accidentally called Dale fat? 

After breakfast, it was time for our first round of rides! We hit up Small World first. I knew mom would love it, but I didn't know how much. We rode it twice that morning, and a whole bunch  of times the rest of the trip! Next, was the teacups, which was another mom favorite! We didn't spin it though, we were just a long for the ride. I'm too old to enjoy being dizzy anymore.

We did Mr. Toad's Wild Road, which is such a fun dark ride! I mean I find it so funny that during the ride you go to hell, and in the movie that doesn't even happen! We also got our fill of lame jokes, and got to admire the backside of water on the Jungle Cruise. And I rode a long time favorite, Indy. 

It was time for a break. And I got to try out two new Disneyland experiences by having a Dole Whip & enjoying it in The Enchanted Tiki Room. I listen to a lot of Disney podcasts, and they all talk about Dole Whips. So I was excited to try it. I got the Dole Whip Float. And it was sooo good, soo refreshing. I had no clue that citrus and ice cream went so well together.

We took our floats into the Tiki room. I think the Tiki Room is one of those things in life  that is soo cheesy that it becomes cool. It's a fun little show, and honestly I have had that darn song in my head ever since! 

Mom went back to the hotel to take a break, and I went to the Race Expo to pick up my race gear for the 10k and the Half Marathon. I really loved this shirts this year, and I was so excited to collect my Dumbo Double Dare race bib. It was starting to sink in that I would be racing the next two days! 

We went back to Disneyland for dinner. On my first trip to Disneyland, I saw the restaurant Blue Bayou from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I wanted to eat there. So I made sure I got my reservation for us on this trip, three years later. The atmosphere was so wonderful. We started our meal with refreshing non-alcoholic mint juleps. We split the Jambalaya as an entree, and then had the lemon raspberry creme brulee for a dessert. Everything was as amazing as I imagined it to be.  After the meal, we of course had to go for a spin on the Pirates ride (a true classic). 

I spent a few evening hours in the park by myself. And I certainly don't mind being in the park by myself, especially at night. I rode Pinocchio's Daring Journey for the first time, and I ended up waiting for Peter's Pan flight for 50 minutes! I had to do it though, it is my favorite ride (but probably something I shouldn't have done because it made my legs sore for the 10k the next morning).

I then headed back to the room somewhat early, since I had to get up at 4:30 am the next morning. But not before admiring the castle all lit up for nighttime.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Disneyland 2015: Digital Scrapbooking Pages Part 1

I've been hard at work at my scrapbooking of our Disneyland trip since we got back. And I'm enjoying every minute of it! Of course, I'm a nerd who loves documenting my trip just about as much as the trip itself!

These first few pages are my title page, traveling page, and pictures from our hotel. You can read more about the events from these pages here.

Materials Used:
Project Mouse

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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Weekend Report

Earlier in the week, Adam had told me he was taking me somewhere Friday evening for a little surprise. I was so excited. Adam rarely does anything to surprise me, and I usually plan all our activities (not that I care, I like to be in charge). 

He ended up taking me to a Food Truck Meet up in Huntsville, which was a super great idea because we love food trucks. We split a lot of food including a Pigmac (Fried Mac-n-Cheese Balls covered in Pulled Pork & Bacon), white cheddar popcorn, fresh squeezed lemonade, and a Vanilla Thunder Cupcake Sundae from the Sugar Belle Cupcake truck. 

We didn't do much on Saturday, but Sunday we spent all morning cleaning, and I spent 2 hours at the grocery store because we were having a little dinner party for our Pastor and his wife that evening.  I set the table with new fall decor (which I loved), and I made up homemade lasagna and pasta salad. And both turned out really well.

We had a lovely evening with them, and after they left it was time for the Packers' game. For once Carrie Underwood got it right, we had been waiting all day for SUNDAY night. The game was against the Seahawks, which has been an intense rivalry for us the last three years. We hadn't beat them in forever, and we wanted the win so bad.

But spoiler alert, PACKERS WON! And it was awesome, a great end to the weekend. 

I have to say Link was such a trooper. We get so loud during the game, and he couldn't sleep, and he just looked so confused by it. He just kept sighing, like why won't my parents quit? 

We love that little dude.

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