Monday, September 21, 2015

The Weekend Report

Earlier in the week, Adam had told me he was taking me somewhere Friday evening for a little surprise. I was so excited. Adam rarely does anything to surprise me, and I usually plan all our activities (not that I care, I like to be in charge). 

He ended up taking me to a Food Truck Meet up in Huntsville, which was a super great idea because we love food trucks. We split a lot of food including a Pigmac (Fried Mac-n-Cheese Balls covered in Pulled Pork & Bacon), white cheddar popcorn, fresh squeezed lemonade, and a Vanilla Thunder Cupcake Sundae from the Sugar Belle Cupcake truck. 

We didn't do much on Saturday, but Sunday we spent all morning cleaning, and I spent 2 hours at the grocery store because we were having a little dinner party for our Pastor and his wife that evening.  I set the table with new fall decor (which I loved), and I made up homemade lasagna and pasta salad. And both turned out really well.

We had a lovely evening with them, and after they left it was time for the Packers' game. For once Carrie Underwood got it right, we had been waiting all day for SUNDAY night. The game was against the Seahawks, which has been an intense rivalry for us the last three years. We hadn't beat them in forever, and we wanted the win so bad.

But spoiler alert, PACKERS WON! And it was awesome, a great end to the weekend. 

I have to say Link was such a trooper. We get so loud during the game, and he couldn't sleep, and he just looked so confused by it. He just kept sighing, like why won't my parents quit? 

We love that little dude.

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