Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! What are everyone's plans? We aren't doing much of anything tonight.  We aren't passing out candy, we aren't dressing up, and we aren't going to party all night long. And yes this is kind of sad. There was a lot I meant to get around to this Halloween season. I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, I wanted to go to a corn maze, and I wanted to carve some pumpkins. But time just got away from us, I mean tomorrow is November 1st! Where is this year going?

But I did want to carve some pumpkins. I even asked Adam if he wanted to yesterday, but he was being a fuddy duddy who didn't want to do anything at all, and it is no fun to carve pumpkins all on your own. So we didn't. But next year he owes me. Next year we will carve pumpkins and visit haunted houses and dress in cutesy, couple costumes. So help me Bob.

But for now, my Halloween celebration will include FABULOUS spiced apple cider, character lollipops, my orange jack o'latern t-shirt, and dancing to the songs Monster Mash and Thriller!

Song of the Day: Thriller/Heads Will Roll by Glee Cast

Catchin' Up With Oliver

So who remembers this adorable little guy? Oliver is the stray we rescued who ended up living with our next door, duplex neighbor. We are so lucky this little booger lives next door to us because we absolutely fell in love with him, and now we get to see him everyday. Anytime we walk past Oliver's house, he stands up on his hind legs, and barks and cries and flips himself over backwards until we acknowledge his presence and say, "Hi Oliver." And if we walk by the house with Sarah in tow, forget about it, he loses his little mind.

Today I was doing laundry. Six hours worth of laundry. And y'all that's a lot of laundry. Our washer and dryer are outside in a shed we share with our neighbor. And on one of my never ending trips outside, I heard a little whining sound. But I couldn't place it, and finally I looked over to the fence and saw his little face peering out at me. 

Of course, I stopped everything I was doing to play with him. Who couldn't? I tried to pick him up like I used to. But I no longer can because he is grown into quite the little tonka trunk! But there was still tons of head pats and kisses to go round. He is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

Song of the Day: Little Bird by The Weepies

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Conan Live Show Taping!

It has been too long since I updated the blog! We've been really busy around here lately, and plus we both had colds this weekend. So we had a pathetic weekend full of napping and not leaving the house other than to walk the dog. And by the way, when I got married, I knew there would be some sharing involved, but I didn't want to share everything (e.g.-colds). But the vows do say, "In Sickness and In Health...."

Last Monday, Adam and I went to a live taping of The Conan Show on TBS. Adam LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Conan O'Brien, so for months I'd been trying to get tickets so I could surprise him. Finally, we won the free ticket lottery, and we were so excited. For weeks before the taping, we wondered who the "celebrity" guests would be. And the weekend before the taping we learned it would be Kaley Cucao and Dr. Drew Pinksy.

We were kind of disappointed about Kaley Cucao, only because we already saw her when we went to a taping of The Big Bang Theory! I mean out of all the celebrities in Hollywood, what are the odds we would see her for a second time? It is like she is stalking us. But Oh Dr. Drew! I was so excited about Dr. Drew! Because I'm kinda, sorta in love with him, and I promise Adam knows and he understands. First of all, he is so handsome in that distinguished, older man kind of way. Second, I work in the mental health field and I really admire his therapeutic skills. Seriously, I'm not making that up. Therapy totally revs my engine.

As excited as I was, when I found out Dr. Drew was the guest of honor, I got a little nervous. What if I got to talk to him and I got all starstruck like I did when I met Princess Belle at Disneyland? You see, when I met Princess Belle at Disneyland, I got all excited and fawned over her like she was really Princess Belle and stuttered, "You're My Favorite Princess!"  As if she was not just a lady in costume!

When the day of the taping rolled around, we drove down to Burbank, went through security, and received our snazzy wrist bands. We got to hang out with other crazy Conan fans (and I do mean crazy), and we bought matching Conan T-shirts. Eventually it was time to head over to the studio. Walking to Conan's studio was a lot of fun too because we walked right through the old set from my all-time favorite show, Gilmore Girls.

Actually entering Conan's studio was surreal because it looks exactly like it does on TV, except it was like a miniaturized version. It was so cool to see how the show is made and to see the celebrities. (And yes, Dr. Drew is just as cute in person as he is on TV, and NO I didn't make a fool of myself. Probably only because I never talked to him). When we watched it back on TV, we noticed that they do edit somethings out,  and also they tone down the laughter and hollering that goes on in the studio (probably so you can hear what everyone is saying).

It was a really fun day and a great experience, and being able to do things like that is one really cool thing about living in Southern California. And seeing Conan was on my California Bucket List, so I'm happy to to mark one more thing off that list.  

Song of the Day: Insensitive by Jann Arden

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend in Instagrams

1. Friday night dinner at Famous Dave's Famous BBQ. I had little BBQ mini sandwiches with a side of possibly the best macaroni on the planet. Not pictured? Our appetizer of corn fritters dipped in honey. Yummy. I think honey just might make everything a little bit better. Raise your hand if you feel me.

2. I don't know why I love this picture of Princess Sarah's backside and tail so much. But I just do.

3. A picture of our BEAUTIFUL nieces at the pumpkin patch. No, I did not take this one, being that they live 1,500 miles way. But that doesn't stop it from being my one my favorite pics from this weekend.

4. I have now lived in Southern California for three and a half years, and I can't remember ever having seen any fog. But on Friday, the buildings downtown were disappearing into the fog! We were actually experiencing weather, instead of 365 days of the same old, same old.  

Song of the Day: November was White, December was Grey by Say Hi

Monday, October 10, 2011

Miss. Sarah Lee

I've never talked a whole lot about our dog, Sarah Lee, on this blog. Which is surprising because Adam and I are practically obsessed with her. Sarah is a big & beautiful golden retriever (sometimes we call her Goldie for short). She enjoys sleeping 21 hours of the day, chasing cars, playing coy with the next door neighbors, taking out entire civilizations with her massive tail, and receiving tons of love from her mommy & daddy. Her dislikes include thunder, fireworks, and drinking water from anything but her designated bowl. And she is a loyal companion to anyone who will occasionally slip her a Mcdonald's French Fry.

Sarah has lived with us for three and a half years and is 11 years old. We adopted her from my older brother when he was losing his house and he could no longer keep her. I had just moved in with Adam at the time, when I found out Sarah needed a home, and I begged him to let her come live with us. There was a lot of tears on my part because he hates change and thought it was a bad idea, but because I'm me and he is him, she came to live with us (he has trouble saying no to me). Hehe. And we road-tripped to Phoenix to meet my brother and brought her home, and Adam fell in love with her within seconds (like I knew he would). And the rest is history!

Over the last few months, Sarah has been slowing down and not feeling the best. We just chocked it up to her getting older. But eventually we took her to the vet, and got some pretty bad news about her health and how long she will be with us. And we spent a lot of that week crying and feeling really sad. Then, we just had to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and decide to make our time with Sarah that is left, the best time with Sarah. So we've been taking her to the beach for long walks every weekend and giving her tons of tummy rubs and treats (screw the diet!).

But the funny thing is Sarah has been acting more youthful than ever lately due to the medicines she is on. She is sooo playful and sooo active. When we took her to the beach this weekend, she was running, chasing squirrels, rolling around on the grass, and fighting us when we decided to turn back toward the car (she always wants to go farther and farther because she always forgets there is a return walk). 

Both Adam and I were beaming after that walk because seeing her like that was such a joy. It totally made our weekend. And it really hit home that no matter how much time we have left with her (and who really knows how much time that is) we are just blessed to have had her in our lives and are grateful for every single day.

Song of the Day: Trouble is a Friend by Lenka

Friday, October 7, 2011

Things Making Me Happy This Week

1. My New Anchor Necklace Made By SerendipityLicious
2. Waking Up to a Rainy Day after a Long, Hot, Southern California Summer
3. Walks at the Bluff overlooking the Beach with my Husband and Doggie Sarah
4. Sleeping in on Saturdays
5. Watching Old Seasons of Big Brother on Youtube

6. Fortune Cookies from my favorite Chinese Takeout Place
7. Acing my Client Presentation for Class
8. My Fuzzy, Polar bear Socks Protecting me from our Cold, Hardwood Floors
9. Playing the Spy Mouse Game on my Iphone
10. The Green Bay Packers Stomping the Denver Broncos

11. New Fall Flavors at Starbucks (Salted Caramel Mocha. Yum)
12. Daylight Savings Time being just around the Corner
13. Going through Old Photos on Old Memory cards
14. My Nieces' Funny Facebook Statuses
15. Reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender

What is making you happy?

Song of the Day: Fix You by Coldplay