Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! What are everyone's plans? We aren't doing much of anything tonight.  We aren't passing out candy, we aren't dressing up, and we aren't going to party all night long. And yes this is kind of sad. There was a lot I meant to get around to this Halloween season. I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, I wanted to go to a corn maze, and I wanted to carve some pumpkins. But time just got away from us, I mean tomorrow is November 1st! Where is this year going?

But I did want to carve some pumpkins. I even asked Adam if he wanted to yesterday, but he was being a fuddy duddy who didn't want to do anything at all, and it is no fun to carve pumpkins all on your own. So we didn't. But next year he owes me. Next year we will carve pumpkins and visit haunted houses and dress in cutesy, couple costumes. So help me Bob.

But for now, my Halloween celebration will include FABULOUS spiced apple cider, character lollipops, my orange jack o'latern t-shirt, and dancing to the songs Monster Mash and Thriller!

Song of the Day: Thriller/Heads Will Roll by Glee Cast


  1. My husband and I were like you guys last night. We didn't really do a whole lot. I would've passed out candy, but we live in a studio apt so no one knows to come up here... :)

    I love your blog! :)

  2. we played that music at a halloween party last weekend as well :) glad i have internet again to read your super cute blog.

  3. Some years are just too busy! :) We didn't do a whole lot. We got a few bags of candy and turned the lights out when we ran out. Then we went to bed rather early. :)


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