Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lucky Duck Huntsville Scavenger Hunt Part 1

Two weekends ago, I talked Adam into doing the Huntsville Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt with me. The Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt gives you clues to Downtown Huntsville locations, and when you follow the clues, you find a little bronze statue of a duck. I thought it would be a fun and free way to spend a Saturday morning. And it was.

So I guess I'm going to have to give a spoiler alert with this one because if you want to do this hunt, I'm totally giving away all the answers. Also, I'm presenting this not necessarily in the chronological order of how we found the ducks. You will see why as we go along, we really struggled to find some of them! So we had to extend our scavenger hunt into two weekends (which was also due to the cold, we were soooooooo cold the first weekend, and we just wanted to head home and get WARM).

When I read this clue, I immediately knew they were talking about Alabama Constitution Village. That is where the papers were signed to make Alabama a state, and now it is a place you can visit and pretend you are living in 1819.

We found this Lucky Duck sitting on top of this brick column. This is the only duck that I knew the location of before starting the hunt, as I had seen it a few weeks back when I did the trolley tour.

I knew this clue was the Howard Weeden house. As Ms Weeden was a famous poet and artist, who had the name of a fellow. Adam spotted this duck so quickly, I couldn't believe it! This also kicked off a competition between us. The winner was the one who found the ducks the fastest. 

The next clue took us up to the  square. Right, in front of the historical Harrison Brothers' Hardware store. We didn't go in to look around, but from the windows it seemed like they carried some really interesting items!

Adam found this duck on the lamppost outside the store so fast, it was sickening, and if you wondering, he  won the find the duck the fastest contest almost every time!

I have never actually been in the Early Works Children's Museum, but I was familiar with the fact that it had a talking tree, which allowed me to figure out to head toward the museum. 

Adam literally took off running to beat me to this duck, I was taken by surprise, so I couldn't catch up (I may be the runner of the household, but he is the faster sprinter). So he found it first, WHAT A CHEAT.

I had never ever heard of bicentennial park, but since the clue said it was behind Earlyworks, the park was pretty easy to find. However, the duck was not. We walked around this park forever and could not find it. We finally figured it was probably covered in leaves, and we could not see it. 

When we got home, I did some online sleuthing. I was able to figure out from a picture where the duck was supposed to be. So when we went back the next weekend, we were able to find it hidden under a pile of leaves.

One of my favorite places in Huntsville is the art museum. I have seen some great art exhibits there over the years. Ansel Adams! Grandma Moses! Tiffany lamps! So this clue was a no brainer for me.

This duck was hard to find though. Adam and I were about to go inside and ask where it was, when Adam glanced down in a planter and randomly saw this little duckie head peaking through!

6 ducks down, 6 to go. In the next post, I will share the hardest and almost impossible clue to solve, which I'm super proud of us for finally figuring out.

P.S.-Find Part Two Here.

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  1. Brittany,

    What a fun thing to do :) Love that you have all these awesome ideas especially low-cost to free! Plus, it's awesome that you got some history involved.

    <3 Ash


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