Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy, Little Week

This week was filled with so many happy, little moments that I felt like sharing a little bit. I'm really trying to notice and appreciate the small things in my life lately.  I get so caught up in planning for the next big thing, and I miss out on the present.

It all started Monday when I got a wild hair to go into Old Navy to see if I could get some active wear more appropriate for fall/winter running. It is getting super cold out there (the other night when I did my five miler I lost all feeling in my hands for about a half hour after I came inside.  (Gloves are so needed, and yes, I bought some).

I really didn't know if I would fit into any of their stuff as I haven't been able to wear Old Navy in years and years. I thought it might be possible that I could squeak by in their XXL. So I took a whole bunch of XXL clothes into the dressing room. I was pretty sure they wouldn't fit, as I'm used to not being able to fit into the largest size at most stores.  But when I put them on they were too big!! I had to downsize to an XL. It felt so great.

I bought so many clothes. My two favorite pieces are these super cozy polar bear pj pants and the boots. I have never been able to wear boots, as my calves were too big. I was always jealous of girls in their boots. So to have a pair is the best feeling. I feel so good about myself in them.  Also, I fit into a size 18 now. That is 10 whole sizes down!

I've been dying to go see Big Hero 6. The million and one Disney podcasts I listened to kept talking about how good it is. Adam wasn't really into seeing it, so I took myself on Wednesday night. Wednesday nights are usually spent relaxing at home, so it felt fun to mix it up a bit. I had the theater nearly all to myself. I got to curl up, prop my feet up, and enjoy the movie. The movie was fantastic, I loved every minute of it! And the short before it was so precious! Go see it now. 

Last but not least, I had a few good runs this week on my lunch break. I'm soaking up the vivid, bright, fall colors on the trees right now. They take my breath away daily. I know soon they will all be dead. So I'm just trying to take them in every chance I get.

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