Sunday, October 23, 2016

Huntsville Ghost Walk and Maple Hill Cemetery Walk

A few weekends ago, I met up with my college friend turned local friend, Lark, for a Huntsville Ghost Walk Tour. Lark and I are very a like in some of the activities we enjoy (like me she is a Disney Park friend). We are both into local history and beautiful homes. So when I texted her to find out if she wanted to go on the local ghost walk with me, she was like, "dang, I meant to text you about that first!".

There are three different tours, and we decided on the Twickenham tour, which is the historic district in Huntsville.  We really enjoyed the tour, I'm not a big, believer in ghosts, but I loved the ghost stories, and the historic information I learned. And I'm all about history.

A few weekends later we were again out an about for a little Huntsville history. This time for the Maple Hill Cemetery Walk. This Maple Hill Cemetery stroll is an annual tradition, taking place in this beautiful old graveyard. Actors and Actresses portray famous Huntsville people, standing in front of the graves telling their life story. It made for a very pleasant afternoon!

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