Friday, November 21, 2014

The Sweetest Things Tea Room

Last Friday, I had the day off because Adam and I had appointments at the Dentist. So after we finished with our cleanings, my mother picked me up to have lunch at one of her favorite places (and now one of mine) the Sweetest Things Tea Room

The tea room is in a smallish house, and you would never imagine how beautiful it is inside from the outside. It is all very Victorian. And very nice and cozy. We started our lunch by ordering some tea. We both chose the creme brulee tea, which was seriously the best tea I have ever had. I have given up the fancy starbuck frapichinos I used to love so much. So lately I've been doing more hot teas to mix it up (usually trying to find the caffeine free). I only wished I could get this tea in packets to take home. Or they had a drive-thru window.

After we got our tea, I ordered some quiche and salad for the entree. I figured quiche would be the best option for me (eggs are protein). I had a few bites of both of the salad and the quiche, are they were both amazing. For dessert, my mother order some coconut cake. I had a bite of it, it blew my mind. I love that nowadays one bite is nearly enough to stomp out most cravings I have.

Although everything was sublime, I would go back for the tea alone. 

What I loved about going to the tea room was it was an experience. We were there much longer than we would have been at a regular restaurant, but we got to chat, have a delicious meal, drink our tea, and soak up the "girly" atmosphere. A great mother/daughter date!

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