Friday, November 24, 2017

W Girls Do Disney 2017 Trip Report: Part 5

We spent the early morning and afternoon hours at Animal Kingdom before heading to the airport. I do believe in squeezing every bit of enjoyment out of a Disney trip, even if that means getting home on a fairly late flight.  

I feel like I should report that these are stock images  from Memory Maker. I did not take these, if you can't tell. HA. But one of the first things we did, which I had never done, was see the Festival of the Lion King. What a fabulous show that was!  I loved the audience involvement, it was colorful, and I loved the dancers & acrobats. 

A ride on Kilimanjaro safaris is a must do on any trip to Animal Kingdom. I love it because you never know what you will see. We loved the group of rhinos huddled together, we said it was like, "us three friends." But the highlight (and unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it), was the new baby elephant, Stella!! She was so adorable. 

We rode Expedition Everest and Dinosaur! We also had an on going joke, that when the T-rex popped out, Anna didn't even spill the drink that she had in her lap! I had hoped to meet Baloo and King Louie this trip, since I had a Jungle Book shirt on, but the times didn't work out, so we hung out with Pocahontas instead!

Our tradition upon leaving Disney is to have one, nice goodbye meal. Our restaurant of choice was Yak & Yeti, and it was sooo delicious, especially the Cream Cheese Wontons. Cream Cheese Wontons are kind of special to us, as there was a Chinese restaurant we used to frequent often during our college years, where we would order plates and plates of cream cheese wontons! 

After lunch, we headed back to the resort and on to the airport. Unfortunately, there was flight delay after flight delay due to horrid storms, but we luckily made it out just in time. It was a long airport night for sure. We wore our ears through out the flights home, which elicited bemused smiles from the other passengers. I think wearing the ears home on flights is a new tradition.

This is a wrap on Disney World 2017, I am going back in less than a month for a quick Christmas trip with Adam. I'm also going to be posting some of my digi scrapbook pages I made from this trip. So yeah it's Disney overload all the time on the blog, but I can't help it I love it so!

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