Monday, October 13, 2014

Princess Half-Marathon Training Week 2

Week 2, Run 1

At 2 a.m on Tuesday, I was awaken by an awful storm. It was crazy bad! I really think it was two storms at once, the way the thunder rumbled non-stop. I'm not scared of storms, but we are pet sitting for my mother, and her dog, Carlee, came bolting into our bedroom in a panic! I calmed her down, but I could not get back to sleep for hours (even after both Carlee and Adam were snoring, I was a little bitter).  I finally felt myself nodding off about 4:30, so I turned off my wake up to run alarm, knowing I needed that extra hour to get through my day. 

I was a little annoyed not to get to knock it out early, as I had every intention to do. I even went to bed early in preparation, but such is life. Instead I was able to squeeze it in on my lunch break! That can be tricky because I need to make sure I don't get too sweaty before going back to work. 

I ran in a local park near my office for 30 minutes as scheduled. It is funny because I felt kind of slow and clumsy during the run, but I ended doing my fastest splits ever, 13:08 and 13:38. I believe that 13:08 in my fastest mile ever, so I'm pleased. When I break that 13 minute mile, I'm going to celebrate! 

After  my run, I went to Moe's, and celebrated with a taco that I had carefully built to meet my calorie and protein needs. It was delicious.

Week 2, Run 2

This run started out with much less drama than the one before. I went to bed early the night before, with some complaints from my husband (apparently, he likes to spend time with me). There was no storm to wake me up in the middle of night, and I was able to get up when my alarm first sounded.

I decided to do a run around the neighborhood and by a short nearby trail. I was hoping I would be as fast as Tuesday.   But I wasn't. Who knows why. Maybe I was less warmed-up, maybe this route is harder, but my two splits were 13:44 and 14:13. Boo. I'm not worried about it though, I'm sure my splits will get more consistent as I go. 

Week 2, Run 3

Saturday, I had to do my run on the treadmill due to the gloomy weather outside. What a bummer, the treadmill is so tough anyway, and I had to go 3 miles for the first time since my last 5k. If you remember, my last treadmill run I struggled greatly, having to bump down my speed after going a mile. This time I was determined to be consistent for all 3 miles. 

I set my treadmill at 4.3mph to start the run. Last time, I struggled with that same pace, even though it is just a 14 minute mile.  The pace didn't feel as hard as last time until the last mile. I had to block my stats so I couldn't see them, as staring at it was KILLING MY SOUL. 

But I was able to run the same pace for all 3 miles, with no adjustments. I'm so proud of that! Next treadmill run, I will bump it up to 4.4mph. I will keep doing that till I get a even faster treadmill pace. When I first started working out on the treadmill, I could only go 3.0 mph, so I've made a lot of progress.

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