Friday, October 17, 2014

WDW Virtual Countdown Chain: 18 Weeks to Go

It's Friday, which means it is time for another Walt Disney World Countdown. This time I wanted to focus on our Advanced Dining Reservations, which we are all uber excited about. Or at least Jana and I are. It's funny, Monday night we had a huge storm, and we spent the whole evening without power. At one point, I turned to Adam and was like, "Let me tell you all about our Disney Dining Reservations." And he actually listened :)

Yet again, I know I will only been having a few bites, but it doesn't keep me from getting excited about the experience of it all. I'm still a foodie at heart.

Day 126-Boma: Flavors of Africa
This is where we plan to eat our first night in Disney after we attend the race expo! Actually, we have a really early dinner reservation here, so we can go to bed early to get up early for the half marathon.  This is an African food buffet (with American selections) that I just keep hearing rave reviews about. I'm so excited to have some Bobote. We had this at a South African friend's wedding, and it was delicious.

Day 125-Fulton's Crab House 
For our post half-marathon dinner, we chose Fulton's Crab House in Downtown Disney. This will be our reward for finishing our journey. I don't think there will be any better way to celebrate our accomplishment than having dinner on this replica of an authentic riverboat!

Day 124-50's Prime Time Cafe
For lunch at our day in Hollywood Studios, we booked a reservation at 50's Prime Time Cafe. It has a 50's theme (of course), but it's real claim to fame is how the waiter/waitress (called Cousins) chide you about finishing your vegetables, washing your hands, and keeping your elbows off the table.

Day 123-Tony's Town Square Restaurant
For lunch at our Day at the Magic Kingdom, we have a reservation at Tony's Town Square Restaurant. It is based on the restaurant where Lady & The Tramp had their first kiss! Maybe Adam's and I's noses could bump over a shared meatball?

Day 122-Be Our Guest
My excitement level for this Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant is UNREAL. If this was an excitement based countdown, this would be number one. I just can't wait to try the Grey Stuff (it's delicious)!

Day 121-Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
On the last day of our trip, Jana and I are doing a Disney princess character breakfast in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. I feel like character dining is a can't miss experience for Disney, and I just can't wait to do this with one of my best friends.

Day 120-Gaston's Tavern
We don't have a reservations for Gaston's, as it is just a little eatery that we are planning to have breakfast at. I'm just excited to explore this little place, that reminds me so much of my favorite Disney movie, and plus he uses antlers in all of his decorating!

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