Monday, October 20, 2014

Disney Princess Half-Marathon Training Week 3

Week 3, Run 1 

Oh Monday night was full of trail and tribulations, or at least the type of trail and tribulations that worked together as a force to keep me from not sleeping. We had an extremely bad storm Monday night, that knocked out our power on Monday for hours! We had nothing to do but sit in the dark. I probably dozed off & on on the couch till about 9, and woke up when the power kicked back on by 9:30. I guess my body treated that as a nap, and I could not get back to sleep forever. And then the storm, kicked the power back off after I finally got to sleep. Which is only a problem because when it kicked back on, it turned on our overhead lights in the bedroom. Waking me up and keeping me up for hours again!

I was so exhausted when my alarm went off, and I had to get ready for work. All day long I dreaded my run because I was tired.  When 6 o'clock rolled around, I thought about skipping it, or just cutting myself some slack and walking it. But I decided I couldn't do it. I actually ended up with decent splits, 13:14 for my first mile and 14:04 for my second. Not too shabby for having no energy. 

But I'm most proud that I didn't use how I felt as an excuse not to give it my all!

Week 3, Run 2

I got my run done in the afternoon because all Thursday I was a bit under the weather. But even though I was under the weather, the weather was BEAUTIFUL.   It was around 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, which was nice due to all the bad weather we have been having lately.

I decided to just do my run around the neighborhood. Just 4 loops around the block. I started my run, and I felt like I was doing pretty good. But I was shocked when my app told me I had completed my first mile in 12:53!! I have never done a mile under 13 minutes, I almost cried with happiness. I was so proud! My second mile was 13:28, still excellent for me.

I'm so happy with the speed progress I am making. 

Week 3, Run 3

I am unhappy to report, that I have had a rough weekend. I've been very sick with a problem I can't share publicly, that has left me feeling week.   I tried to run both on Saturday and on Sunday, and both times I had to quit because I could not breathe. I understand that it is my body's way of telling me I need to rest and recuperate. I hate missing a work-out! But I will pick it up Tuesday. My plan is to switch things around and try again for 4 miles next Saturday (instead of the three on schedule). I can do this.

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