Sunday, October 19, 2014

#100 Happy Days-The Week that Was

This weekend has been a rough one folks. I've been sick again like I was last month (ugh). Which at times, has left me feeling depressed because I can't get out and do anything (So lame). But I am feeling better now, so we will see how the week goes. There were some positives this weekend: the Packer's blew out the Panthers, I beat a really hard level in the Lion King game Adam bought me (that I had as a child), and Adam has been taking such great care of me (best husband ever).

Here is the week that was Oct 11th-Oct 18th:

Day 85-I stayed home under our cozy Packer's blanket for the game. Some Sunday mornings, there is nothing better than staying home and watching some football.

Day 86-I picked up some Halloween Pencils to give out to the kiddos I work with as treats instead of candy. I would eat the candy! I also put out some other office Halloween decor. 

Day 87- So digging Taylor Swift's new song. But don't I always love her stuff?

Day 88-One of my favorite shows is back on! I love my Top Chef  Wednesday.

Day 89-Everyone can keep their pumpkin spice lattes, I'm getting my fall fix with Caramel Apple Pie Greek yogurt. 

Day 90-I went out to eat at P.F. Changs after a Doctors appointment with my mother. It was nice to see they painted their horse statue pink for breast cancer awareness month. 

Day 91-Adam and I typically put on Golden Girls as background noise late on Saturday nights. They make us laugh. 

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