Sunday, October 26, 2014

Disney Princess Half-Marathon Training Week 4

Week 4, Run 1
I originally planned to keep to the regular running schedule this week, and I would just redo my failed weekend run on Saturday. But I got the idea on Monday night, I should just make my scheduled 30 minute run a 4 miler. So that is what I did. I got up 30 minutes earlier at 5 a.m., than I do for my typical run (omg, I am becoming a morning runner). 

I started my History Chicks podcast (this one about Julia Child), and hit the road. I ran a few blocks from the house around a fairly big intermediate school. It felt tough, but not as tough as it did this weekend. My splits were a little slow, but none were over 14:49. That typically happens if I skip a run.

I haven't done 4 miles in months, and it felt good to accomplish that. 4 miles is as far as I've ever gone, so in two weeks when I have to do 5, that will be a challenge. 

Week 4, Run 2
I ended up doing my run on my lunch break, and it was a beautiful day. Adam had dropped me off at work that morning because he had a friend in town, and they needed the car to bum around (we only have one car). So I ended up doing my warm-up by walking to the park where I usually run when I'm at work. The run went well, I wasn't really thrilled with my times for my two miles, but I don't get caught up with my speed too much. My first mile was 13:21 and my second one was 13:54.   Who am I to complain? When I first started running I was doing a 20 minute mile!

Week 4, Run 3
I woke up Saturday morning with sore legs. I'm not even sure why. I wasn't sore on Friday, so I don't think it was from my workout. But my calf muscle in my leg felt like I had had a charlie horse in it that I didn't stretch out properly. I was on the fence about whether I should run on it or not. So I took it easy all day Saturday, and after a nap,  I decided to go out for an evening run. I figured if it hurt, I would stop.

I had three miles on the schedule. I warmed up, and then I ran around the neighborhood and this nearby school I've gotten into the habit of running at because it has plenty of circular pathways. I was sore, but it didn't hurt while running, so I was able to finish the workout with no problem.  

I was super happy with my times for the three miles (12:41, 12:54, and 13:19).  That is an average speed of 4.6! I am a little extra sore on that muscle today, but I hope it will feel better by Tuesday.

In other news,  I signed up for a 10k on November 15th! Jana will be joining me, so we can update our race times for Disney and hopefully get a higher corral placement.

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  1. I am always amazed by your commitment with sticking to your running regimen. I'm not sure of I could do those early morning wake up calls. Before I was diagnosed with IIH I completely gave up cross skiing (something I love to do and is more practical living in the North with all the snow we get). Once I get over this post-surgery hump (and boy do I hope I get over it) I would like to get back to some form of physical exercise. I even bought a used Nordic Track, so even if I wasn't feeling 100% I could get a little indoor ski time in when I get the all clear. * Sarah Grace


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