Saturday, February 27, 2016

Favorite Things: Podcasts (True Crime Edition)

It is no secret that I love podcasts! I even wrote a blog post about them a couple of years ago.  But that was only the start of my love of podcasts. It has grown exponentially since then. I listen to them when I'm commuting,  scrapbooking, working out, or doing parperwork at my job. 

One of the topics that has always interested me is true crime. Some people may find it morbid, but just from a psychological perspective it fascinates me. So for my first podcast round up, I wanted to share my favorite true crime podcasts.  

1. Generation Why
This podcast has been around for a while, and it has an extensive amount of episodes available for listening (I'm still working my way through the backlog). Not everyone  of their cases is about murder, although the vast majority of them are.  I really enjoy these guys style and how they break down the cases.

2. Casefile
This podcast just launched this year! I am enjoying it so far. It is run by one man  with a killer Australian accent. So far he has been covering cases I never head of (especially many Australian crime cases). 

3. True Crime Garage
This is also a newer podcast. But these guys are funny and serious all at the same time. They cover a good mixture of popular and lesser known cases. And as they say in every episode, I really like the cut of their jib. 

4. Missing Maura Murray
The disappearance of Maura Murray is one of the most intriguing disappearances of all time. And 12 years later, the case still remains unsolved.  This podcast covers the nuisances of the case. I'm all caught up now, and I'm dying for a new episode.

Suggested Episodes: If you Know Nothing about the Case Listen to What We Know, if you do know the basics, start at The Introduction.

5. Thinking Sideways
This may be my all-time favorite podcast. They cover a lot of true crime cases and disappearances (but other topics as well). The twist here is they are all unsolved cases. They have a good sense of humor (which I think sometimes gets them in trouble, judging by comments, but I get them).

6. Who Killed Elsie Frost?
This is a very short but interesting series on the unsolved UK murder of 14 year old Elsie Frost. There are no answers here, but I was touched by a sister and brother's search for answers. 

Suggested Episodes:  Start at the Beginning

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