Saturday, October 10, 2015

Disneyland 2015 Trip Report: Part Four

I got cleaned up from the race, and then Mom and I decided to try to get into Trader's Sam, which is a really unique bar at the Disneyland hotel! It can be hard to get into because there are limited tables, so we basically just stood around and stalked people for a seat! 

Trader's Sam is so fun though because when people order certain drinks it sets off a reaction throughout the bar. There will be a storm or a volcano will blow! So there is something going on all the time. We ordered some food (Shrimp tacos for me, Pulled Pork Sandwhich and Sweet Potato Fries for Mom). And I finally had my first alcoholic beverage of the trip, I was trying to make sure I stayed hydrated pre-race! 

I hit the parks post lunch and post nap. I managed to get in a few rides before dinner time! I rode Splash Mountain on the single rider line because it was just so blasted hot (plus it's such a classic)! And I also rode Star Tours, because let's face it, if I didn't, Adam would probably divorce me. 

We did the Fantasmic! Dining package at RiverBelle Terrace. Which allowed us priority seating for the show later that evening. Our meal was really good! It was 3 courses, and everything was wonderful. I particularly loved the apple crisp. We loved sitting right by the Rivers of America as well, watching the Columbia & Mark Twain roll by. 

While waiting for Fantasmic, we took a couple of rides on Pirates (man I love that ride). We also did a little shopping in AdventureLand. We both bought Tiki Birds. I hung mine on the front porch, and it is one of my favorite souvenirs.

We watched Fantasmic, and it was amazing as always. But I just didn't get any decent pictures, I really just sat back and enjoyed the show. I also caught the Disneyland Forever firework show afterwards.

One of the last things I did that day was go to the Paint the Night Parade. I ALMOST skipped it, I was so tired. But I managed to find a spot on the curb on main street. And I literally sat on the sidewalk and dozed off and on until the parade started. 

I'm so glad I stayed. That parade was a total highlight of the trip! The lights, the characters, and most of all the music, made it so worth it. I could have sat through it 50x over.

After that, I walked to the hotel to finally get some much needed sleep!

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