Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is Halloween.

We got a late start to the Halloween festivities this week. I waited till Friday afternoon to even buy a pumpkin. Which I do not suggest, because all the places that had pumpkins for sale had really been picked over, so it was hard to find a decent one. 

We chose a really simple Nightmare Before Christmas design. I love that movie, although Adam just thinks it's weird. Which of course, it is weird, but it is great because of its weirdness! Plus, I'm a little Nightmare before Christmas obsessed since our recent family reunion weekend trip to Disneyworld, where Adam and I met the pumpkin king himself. 

I really love dressing up for Halloween. Last year, I was Where's Waldo, the year before I was a cave woman, and this year I decided to be a 50's lady. My mother thinks it's because she's a 50 baby, but really I just love a good, poodle skirt. And I was a big Happy Days fan, when it was on Nick @ Nite!  All I needed was a milkshake, a juke box, and the Fonz.

Of course, mama's little buddy had to get in on the action. His vet had a costume contest, and I entered my little bumble bee in it. If he doesn't win, I might have to burn the place to the ground (I am one overly devoted dog mama after all).

He was such a good sport, and didn't seem to mind at all. I called him my Bumble Linky, Adam just said he looked like a Pittsburgh Steeler in a throwback jersey! Adam thinks he was humiliated, but I think he looked proud!

We didn't get a ton of trick or treaters this year. It rained most of the evening, which defintely slowed it down. We were left with just enough candy to get us in trouble! But in between trick or treaters, we watched Hocus Pocus (for the second time this month), and then an episode of Fargo.

Over all, I think a good Halloween was had by all. 

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  1. It absolutely poured down raining here, so Piglet's trick or treating was cut very short. He had more fun passing out candy then getting it anyway :-) Love the pumpkin Adam carved, and your costume is so cute!


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