Saturday, October 3, 2015

Disneyland 10k: Race Report

On the second day in California, I got up at 4:30 a.m. for the 5:30 a.m. race (The Disneyland 10k). I put on my Baymax race day costume that I loved (especially my I'm Not Fast t-shirt)! I was a little bit sore from hitting the parks a little too hard the day before, but I wasn't too concerned. I run 10ks in my training all the time, so I felt ready. I headed to corral D, which was way back from the starting line. But Corral D, only took about 20 minutes to get up to the starting line after the race begun. 

I got a little disheartened because although I never looked at my time, it seemed like I was going really slow! The first mile was taking me forever. And then I rounded a corner, and I saw mile marker 2! I had totally missed the first mile marker! I was relieved, and then disappointed because I wanted a picture of all the mile markers.  But I was super excited to enter Disney's California Adventure (as I had never been there). I ran past Paradise Pier & The Mickey Fun Wheel. And then I entered Carsland! And I was just amazed as I thought I would be. It was like stepping into the movie. I stopped to take a picture with "The King."

I loved the villains theme of the race. There were a lot of great villains on the course. I especially loved the ones from the Song of the South! I'm hoping at upcoming races I'll feel confident enough in my time to stop and meet the characters, but I always get anxiety about standing in line, because I don't want to get swept!

Of course, nothing beats running through Disneyland and the Castle proper! I always linger a little too long in the parks, but I can't help it. Running through them is just magical! 

After leaving Disneyland, I ran through Downtown Disney, and I headed toward the finish line. With all my stopping, I finished the race in about1:49, which I was totally cool with. I never run these races to get good times! It's all about having fun. 

I couldn't believe the next day I would be doing it all over again, running the half-marathon!

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