Saturday, December 4, 2010

24 Fan Fest Marathon

Last week Adam spent 27 hours in a box in the middle of Hollywood and Highland watching TV. If that sounds insane, it is because IT IS.  A few weeks ago I received an e-mail I had received from this entertainment mailing list that I somehow ended up on. It was about a event concerning his favorite TV show 24. I forwarded him the e-mail with this note, "I know you can't do this, but thought it was neat." But he of course decided to do it.

The event was a continuous 80 hour 24 marathon to celebrate the release of the 24 complete series DVDs and to try to break a world record for most hours of TV watched. First place was 10,000! Adam really thought he could win it, but I felt like maybe it would just be a fun life experience. Plus I didn't want him to feel pressured or like I would be disappointed in him if he failed.

So he took a few days off, and rode the subway down to Hollywood last Thursday. Before it all started, they had a kick off party that many of the celebrities and celebrity fans attended. So he met the director of the show (who gave Adam his own personal 24 pin that he wore on his jacket-which I think Adam would count as the highlight of his life), Gregory Itzan (Charles Logan), and Lou Diamond Phillips!  I was really, really sad that I couldn't at least go to the party. But I had to go to school, which is currently sucking out my soul.

The competition started at 9 and for the next 27 hours I kept my phone glued to me like he was at war. I didn't know when he would call, so my cell phone was causing me so much anxiety. If I realized I didn't know where it was, I would have mini-heart attack until I found it again. I even managed to not be scared in the house when I was at home alone at night. Not that I have a reason to worry. I live in a fairly safe neighborhood, have bars on all my windows, and really tightly locking doors. Notice I didn't say guard dog. The truth of the matter is I actually think Sarah would go after an intruder, I mean she hates anyone who comes to our front door. But part of me still wonders if she might just roll over and ask to be petted.

Everything was going well until the evening of the second day. I could tell he was fading and was overly concerned about quitting in the middle of the night because the subway doesn't run past two. And I knew the next phone call I got would be one telling me he was done. And I was right. I just wished he had quit before the middle of the night or the next morning because all I wanted to do was go to bed! (Not that I had right to complain considering Adam had been up for forty hours)!

He had a lot of fun and was given the complete 24 DVD set just for participating.

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