Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Left My Heart in San Antonio

I went all out on the hotel for our night in San Antonio, because San Antonio was the place I was most looking forward to seeing! We stayed in a two room suite with a balcony right on the San Antonio River Walk. Of course, when we got to San Antonio in the early afternoon, we were beyond excited. After checking into the just as stunning as promised hotel, we put on our walking shoes and headed down to The Alamo.

As big as a history buff as I am, it is surprising I don’t know much about the Alamo. But honestly the Mexican American war has never been one of my main interests. But never the less, I was thrilled to see something that is such a big part of American History. I mean who hasn’t heard the phrase, “Remember the Alamo?” I was surprise how out in the open the Alamo is, unlike other historical sites, it really is in the middle of all the hub bub of San Antonio. From the outside, the Alamo looks pretty small, but is surprisingly big and cool when you step inside (which was a relief, do you know how hot it is in San Antonio?).

It was interesting to see where the battle took place, and where famous men like Davey Crockett and David Bowie walked (and died). I also learned something I didn’t know, that all the women and children were huddle into the church portion of the Alamo, and their lives were spared. Also at the gift shop, we got to try on some coon skinned caps, which was pretty awesome. When we finished with our tour, we did some fun/silly things. We hit up the Ripley’s Haunted Mansion, The Tomb Raider Adventure Ride, and The Guinness World Record Museum.

I was terrified to do the haunted house but I'm always up to challenging myself. And I guess I survived by the skin of my teeth, I just hate when things jump out at me! And even when I knew something was about to happen, it would still scare me! Next, we went to the Tomb Raider game, and it was like a Disneyland game, where you ride through and shoot at targets. I was really bad at that, but I've always had bad aim. And of course, we enjoyed the Guinness World Records Museum. Because where else can you found out how many pins someone can stick in their face or pose with a statue of the world's fattest man?

Once we got back the hotel, we grabbed dinner at the hotel's nightly kickback. The kick back is just a free buffet filled with comfort foods like wings, nachos, and hot dogs. You also get three free alcoholic drinks.  Some reason when we were taking one of the drinks back to to our room and putting lids on them, I told Jana that I felt like singing, "If you liked it, then you should have put a lid on it."  Which somehow turned into us writing a whole song parody to Beyonce's Single Ladies. The song was all about a girl who knocked some chick's drink over in a club, and of course she would sing, "If she liked it then she should have put a lid on it." It is genius. We should really video it.

After an evening filled with swimming in a pool and lounging in a jacuzzi tub (one big enough for three fat people I swear, I want one), we went to bed with th San Antonion skyline lit up outside our balcony. The next morning we slept in a bit, and then headed down to the river walk to take a river cruise. The tour guide took us down the whole river and told us some of the history of the river. From the boat we spotted a gelato and fudge shop, and we had some as soon as we disembarked. It was the perfect way to end our San Antonio trip.

Sadly, it was time to head out after the cruise. But we had an amazing time in San Antonio, and honestly I think it was the best part of our trip.


  1. I hate haunted houses too! But I love that you were so brave. Umm, I really really really want to go on the Tomb Raider ride/game. That sounds like a blast!!

  2. I remember first seeing the Alamo and thinking it was some kind of kitschy souvenir shop or something built to LOOK LIKE the Alamo. I couldn't believe how small it was and that it was just plunked in the middle of the city! I had this image of it in the middle of a field or something, ha! Glad you had a great time :)


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