Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anatomy of a Win

Adam in his Packer's Gear

There are a few things Adam does every Sunday to ensure a Green Bay Packers Win:

1.  Green Bay Packer's Jersey #80.
He wears the jersey the second he wakes up the morning of a game day, and does not remove the jersey until the game is over.

2. Cheesehead.  
The cheesehead is only worn during the game. He only removes it when the star spangled banner is played. He holds it beneath his left hand, next to his heart. Respecting America & Respecting the Cheesehead are equally important.

3. Atari Pajama Pants.
The pants were given to him by his perfect, wonderful, amazing wife, two years ago. He randomly wore them once during a game that the Packer's won.  He assumed that they must be "lucky" pants. He has worn them every game since. Doesn't even remove them when company comes over.

4. Green Bay Packer Slippers.
Received as a a gift from his wonderful, perfect, amazing wife for Christmas this year. Figured that since the gift of the pants worked out so well the previous year, the slippers must be magic too. Wears them every game.

5. Green Bay Packer Glass with Accompanying Mountain Dew.
A mountain dew must be purchased by me for him a day or two before the game. Right before the game, I have to bring him the soda from the fridge. He pours one half of the soda in his pre-frozen Packer's glass. He takes sips only after something good happens on the field.  He makes sure that amount of soda lasts him the entire first half. Then, he finishes the second half of the soda during the second half. Following the same drinking strategy.

So yes Adam is very superstitious when it comes to football. But whatever he did worked because the Packers are going to the Superbowl and the Steelers are going down! We were so over the top excited when they took down the bears in the NFC championship on Sunday! I even went out and bought my first ever official NFL Packer's Jersey. It's a Aaron Rodger's jersey, and I can't wait to wear it during the super bowl.

When I first started dating Adam, I only cared about the Packers because when they won it made him happy (and when they lost he was awful). But I have really become a true blue (or should I say green and gold) fan in the last few years, and I'm so excited for the super bowl!

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