Monday, September 26, 2011

A Cold Stone Tragedy

The other day I picked Adam up from work, and we decided to go grab some ice cream at Cold Stone as a little treat. My mother had sent us a gift card for ice cream and just like real money it was burning a hole in our pocket. And just like I always do every time we go to Cold Stone, I started ribbing Adam about something that happened on a previous trip to Cold Stone....many moons ago.

You see we officially started dating the fall semester of my Junior year when Adam was living in California, and I was still going to school in Mississippi. So obviously we weren't spending a lot of face to face time together.  Which was hard and annoying, and every other adjective you can possibly think of to describe a long distance relationship. To fix this, Adam invited me to spend the summer between my Junior and Senior year living with him in California. And I agreed.

That summer was definitely an interesting one. Adam was living in a teeny, tiny studio apartment overstuffed with way more furniture than he needed (my opinion, not his). So there was absolutely no privacy and all we could do all day was sit around and stare at each other. You had to hang out in the bathroom to get a little privacy. And just like the place we have now, it had no air conditioning. So while he was at work, I was at home (without a car) sweating tremendously and worrying that the heat would cause me to be overcome with the "vapors."

And can we discuss how he didn't even have cable? I mean he had a few basic channels, half of which were in Spanish and Vietnamese, and somehow the Oxygen channel was miraculously, accidentally given to us. So I spent all day watching The Bad Girl's Club and Snapped! marathons. I watched so much Snapped! that I think Adam worried that I was taking tips from the murderous women and planning his demise.

The first weekend after I stepped off my plane at LAX to embark on this summer long adventure, we found ourselves at a Cold Stone. Adam was sitting across the table from me, and out of nowhere he says, "I just realized that for the whole summer you are going to be here every second of every day." He didn't say it in the, "I'm so in love with you and this is going to best summer ever!" kind of way. No, he said it in the "This is totally going to cramp my style," kind of way.

Of course I handled his words with grace and understanding, and it's not like I would ever freak out in the middle of a Cold Stone or anything. Yeah right! I am so not that level headed, and I totally started crying in the middle of Cold Stone. I only have vague recollections of what happened after this. I'm pretty sure Adam piled my hot mess of a self into the car, and we headed back to the studio. And at that point, totally convinced we were going to break up,  I was whipping out my emergency credit card and trying to book my flight home. 

Obviously, Adam talked me down off that ledge and we are still together all these years later. Now I understand that this comment came from a fear of the unknown and losing his lifelong "bachelor status." But Adam still feels really bad about this whole thing, which makes it all the more fun for me to tease him about.

Song of the Day: Why Can't I by Liz Phair


  1. we girls can be so emotional!!! im glad you guys worked it out and that you are such an adorable couple. we went to cold stone last night as well. it was the only thing i could keep down all day since im preggo and all. love your blog sweetie!!

  2. Hey, just thought I'd let you know that I've given you a blog award :)

  3. ouchhh! but hey look at it this way, at least it's in the past & the ice cream is still good!

  4. First, I love Coldstone! Mmmmm!!! So yummy!

    Second, I think we've all had similar conversations at some point in our relationship! It's funny (and relieving) to look back at them and realize it's all a part of the journey. :)
    Cute blog!

  5. I've had public meltdowns over something and nothing before! They're usually pretty funny to look back on :)


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