Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Downtown Disney Date

It seems like Disney has been a theme in our life lately, Last weekend, we spent a few hours hanging out in Downtown Disney (which is a big outdoor shopping area). It was a beautiful and hot, hot day. We ate lunch at the Rain forest Cafe, which is the only place we are going to experience a thunderstorm while we are still in California! We went to Build-a-Bear and Adam surprised me with a little stuffed animal that I could take with me to Alabama for our long separation. Of course, when I opened the box, I found it was a Green Bay Packer's Bear. Surprise, Surprise, He named it, "Little A." I just wonder if that stands for, "Little Adam," or "Little Quarterback Aaron Rogers." At least, I will have someone to watch the Packer's games with me in the Fall.

We went to the Lego Store, and I marveled at the Larger than Life, Disney, Lego Figurines (my favorite was Beauty and the Beast, although that is always my favorite Disney anything). And I couldn't believe all the different types of sets you can buy and how expensive they can be! We saw one that was over $400 dollars.  Adam actually collects Lego sets, which I think is a really cool hobby. He really hasn't been building them in the last year because in our current home we have no room to display them. But in our new place in Alabama, I will find a special place for them all.

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  1. What a fun date!! I absolutely love anything Disney! Those Lego creations are mind-blowing, so cool!!


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