Friday, July 20, 2012

An Online Link Love Book Vol. V

I think Cake Balls are delicious, but I always thought they looked really complicated to make. But this video breaks it down and makes it look super easy.

I wish I had invested in one of these uber cute iPhone cases before I dropped my phone and shattered the glass into pieces *sad face.*

I really love reading travel guides, but I never thought about what tourist guides would say about traveling to America. (Some gems: Be Punctual! Don't Talk Politics! Inner Cities are Unsafe!).

I am so psyched for the summer Olympics, and I have been watching the trials, but everyone knows I could never make it in the Olympics. But I could excel in the Olympics if these sports for athletically challenged people actually existed.

A few years ago I was taking a nap with my dog Sarah, and all of a sudden she made a sound like she was choking. So I hopped out of bed and started giving her the Heimlich maneuver, or at least what was my closest approximation. Although it turns out she wasn't choking, and she just thought I was nuts. But when I came across this information on dog CPR, I thought it was good knowledge to pass along anyway.

Coloring is no longer just for children and these Adult Coloring Book pages look like an amazing way to relax.

I don't have children, and I don't really have a reason to throw these kind of parties, but I thought these party themes based on Children's books were smashing.

When I settle into our new place in Alabama, I really want to make this magnetic make-up board. So cute.

I don't know whether I love these cheeseburgers made from eye shadow or am just disgusted by it. All I know is I would love to see a step by step process for this.

The history buff in me loves this article on the seven people who missed the titanic.


  1. Hi you!!! :)
    How to save your dog with CPR is great tutorial!
    Thanks for that.

    Have a nice trip darling :*
    Be good ♥

  2. I love the cake balls video! I thought those would be super easy to make once, so I just tried to wing it- they were ATROCIOUS. Nice to know other people are patient enough to show you how :) And I love the magnetic make up board- so neat! Your posts are always so interesting!


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