Tuesday, March 14, 2017

W Girls Do Disney 2017 Trip Report: Part 1

Yes it is that time again, I'm finally back from my annual trip to Disneyworld. And yes, I know I haven't been blogging much, but I feel like blogging about my trip, so here I am. This was the first year that our friend Anna joined us for the trip! And she was a Disney virgin, and there is nothing better than being with someone on their first Disney trip.

Not only had she never been to Disney world, she had never flown before. But she did well, and she never showed any anxiety at all, which I was worried about! 

Anna and I had flown in from Huntsville and Jana from Pensacola,  so we met up at the hotel. We stayed at Port Orleans: French Quarter this trip, and I loved it. The New Orleans vibe was so fun, plus it is quiet and compact, and catching a bus to the parks is super easy. Plus, they have beignets in the food court! I think this may be the resort I stay at always. 

We got dressed up  and headed down to dinner at Disney Springs. We were so busy, catching up and chatting, that we were got on the wrong bus, and we did not realize it, till we ended up at the Animal Kingdom. So we had to hop off and get on a totally new bus. But we were able to shake that inconvenience off, calling it an adventure.

Dinner was at Art Smith's Homecoming restaurant. A Southern style restaurant, which had a whole moonshine menu! I had the chicken and donuts, which was so good. And we all got dessert to go, which was the biggest piece of cake ever! 

Early the next morning, was the Enchanted 10k, which was the reason for the trip. My friend Jana was supposed to run with me, but she didn't ended up going, which made me a solo evil step sister. But I still loved my costume. It was a beautiful foggy morning, as we ran through Epcot and the Boardwalk. I was so excited to see Dopey out on the course, I had to stop, because he is a hard character to meet, and I was so glad I did. It was so worth it.

I finished, got my medal, and I was so excited to shower, and get ready to hit the parks!

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