Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Simplicity

Adam and I had a very simple holiday this year, celebrating with only each other. After sleeping in a little bit, I got up, laced up my sneakers, and went for a morning jog. I always forget how good it can feel just to get out there and get moving. Afterwards, we put on our Sunday best and broke tradition by going to a restaurant for thanksgiving. Something I have never done before because it always seemed blasphemous. But Adam only likes a handful of Thanksgiving dishes, so it seemed silly and wasteful to put out a whole feast just for myself. And then have to do dishes, and since I'm such a messy cook, I'm sure I would end up with sweet potato casserole on the ceiling. So no thank you.

But dinner was delicious, and we both got more than our fair share of our favorites topped off with a piece of pumpkin pie.  We went home and took long turkey induced naps. When we woke up, somehow Adam talked me into going out for some Black Friday shopping. I have never done this and for good reason! Crowds make me a little nervous, and I hate going into Wal-Mart on a normal day.  And this was almost too much for me to handle, and at one point Adam accidentally snuck up on me without me noticing, and I about jumped out of my skin! I snuck out of there as soon as I could. It was something I was happy to experience ONCE.

We ended the day watching The Five Year Engagement. All in all it was a good holiday, maybe not one for the record books, but one good enough for us.


  1. How did you get away with moving home but not having Thanksgiving with the family? I'm pretty sure Match's would freak out if we tried that. But it sounds sort of wonderful!! No stress, no cleanup, and you got to just do your own thing.
    Thanks for convincing me not to go through the battle of Black Friday. I ended up getting a terrible headache, and it would have been awful out there!


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