Monday, May 23, 2011

Winchester Mystery House

On the second day of our vacation, we drove down to San Jose (do you know the way to San Jose?) to tour the Winchester Mystery House. The Winchester Mystery House is a 160 room mansion built in the 1900s.  It was built by Sarah Winchester, who was heir to the Winchester Rifle fortune. So legend has it that after the untimely deaths of Mrs. Winchester's daughter and husband,  a psychic told her she was being haunted by all the people who had been killed by her husband's Winchester rifle. And to save herself she must move West, build a house for the spirits, and never stop building the house or risk being killed by the spirits. So that is what she did. The house is full of maze-like features with twists, turns, dead-ins, stairs to the ceiling, and a door inside the house that leads to a 13 foot plunge outside. All meant to confuse the spirits. The construction on the house never stopped until the day she died.

I first learned about the Winchester Mystery House on the history channel years and years ago. I've wanted to see it long before I even dreamed I'd be living in California. And we had so much fun at the house. Even if we couldn't take pictures of the inside (fooey). It was beautiful and odd and everything and more than I expected it to be.

Song of the Day: Defying Gravity by Glee Cast

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  1. Awesome! I'm going to SanFrancisco soon and was thinking about going to this house. Thanks for the recommendation :)


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