Sunday, July 10, 2011

New York, New York

My Next Husband Yee Haw!

Pancakes & Bellini's at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain

Strawberry Fields-Central Park

Central Park

Found Love and Hearts on the Avenue of the Americas

Me and Mom Before Tour

The Orginal Tiffany's

Lady Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge & Brooklyn Heights
The "Freedom Tower" Under Construction

Coconut Creme Cake with Fresh Fruit in White Chocolate Shell @ Blue Fin

New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street

Our Times Square Hotel

Manhattan Skyline from Hudson River Firework Cruise
I have been back from NYC for a few days now, and I am just now getting around to sorting through pictures and blogging about the trip because it has been so bloomin' hot out here in California. And we don't have A.C., so the only thing I have managed to do is whine, complain, whine some more, and sweat. OH Lordy, the sweat!  But wait I'm supposed to be telling you about NYC, and not my heat induced sloth like behavior. 

New York City totally exceeded any and all expectations I had about the trip. Even if those expectations were only formed on the longest domestic flight I have ever been on, where I sat by the window listening to "Empire State of Mind" on repeat like it was my job. And it wasn't even the cool hipster Jay Z version, nope it was the Glee version. And of course I think Glee is cool, and I will happily label myself a gleek. But something about Artie, the most white kid on the show, rapping "I'll be hood forever," strips the song of any street creed. Not that I ever had any.

It is hard for me to decide what my very favorite thing about NYC was. It might have been seeing Chicago on Broadway. (Hello, I can totally cross that off my life list now). Or it could have been staying in Times Square where it looked like the middle of the day in the dead of night. Ohh, and the food was amazing too. We had Pancakes and Bellini's at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain, Sushi at Blue Fin, Burgers at Shake Shack, and amazeballs NYC hot dogs. The shopping was fab, and the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park were stunning.  It was thrilling to hail a cab in the middle of  a busy street, and to see the best fireworks show of my life from a cruise on the Hudson River. Lastly, it was humbling to see where the Twin Towers once stood and all the progress that is being made.

But I really think the best part of the entire trip was simply strolling the NYC streets, never knowing what we were going to find or who we were going to see when we rounded a corner.  Just soaking up the the city. I can't tell you how many sites we stumbled across just by chance. And that is why I love New York.

To see all my NYC pictures check out my flickr.

Song of the Day: Stay Here Forever by Jewel

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  1. Love this post! Ha, of course I do, I love new york been there a couple of times now. Your photos are lovely! Yeah, I think it is good to make a bucket list for summer, because their is TONS to do in the summer time! I make a lot of lists my self, so why not another one! :D Pink berry looks so delicious from photos I see randomly here and there. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! :D I hope you make a summer bucket list or if you have already that you complete everything on it this summer!! :D


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