Monday, July 18, 2011

Rewind: South West Road Trip 2008

The Grand Canyon

Light Pole in Roswell

UFO Museum in Roswell

Meteor Crater. Winslow, AZ

New Mexico Sign

Cows in the Road. Somewhere, Arizona.

The day after I graduated from college, Adam and I packed everything from my dorm room into my little Honda civic and headed off to California. It was the best road trip ever. We meandered through Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. We drove through desert and desert, and just when we thought it was over, we found more desert. We stopped in Roswell and loved the quirkiness of the UFO museum and the Alien lampposts. We stopped to see the Meteor Crater in Arizona. We got lost somewhere near Flagstaff, as we were trying to get to the Grand Canyon (which was gorgeous by the way). And on the very last leg of our trip, we got a flat tire. This should have been a totally frustrating part of our trip because of the money and inconvenience it caused. But the Triple AAA man who came to help us out was the sweetest old man ever. And after he found out we were engaged, he gave us all his secrets to a successful marriage. It was a truly beautiful moment.

Looking through all these pictures, and thinking of the trip we took really has me jonesing for another road trip!

Song of the Day: The Captain by Kasey Chambers

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