Friday, April 6, 2012

Let's Fondue It

For our anniversary dinner, we decided to try something new, and went out for fondue! I've never done fondue, but I really love cheese. I mean just bring me a vat of cheese and a swimsuit (if I even need a swimsuit) and I'll dive right in.

We decided to just go all in, and we went with the four-course menu. For the first course, we got a pot of Aged Whiskey Cheddar, and we dipped breads, veggies, and fruits. And who knew fruits would be so good dipped in cheese?!? The second course was salads, and I had a fabulous spinach & strawberry salad. For the third course, we each picked two skewers.  I chose beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon and coconut shrimp, and my picky husband really expanded his horizons by choosing plain chicken and garlic chicken (ha).

They brought out the raw meat on skewers with some mushrooms and grilled vegetables.  They took away the cheese (sob) and replaced it with a grill on our table, so we could grill our own food. We so wanted to do it right, that I actually whipped out my iphone so we could time when to flip it and when it was done. It was actually a lot of fun to grill our own food. And it really was soo delicious. Especially the coconut shrimp. They also gave us  6 different delicious sauces to dip our meats in. My favorite was the yogurt curry.  And we had to laugh, because when our friend Mike was here a few weeks ago he told us numerous times how crazy he was about dipping sauces. So we talked about how much Mike would love this!!!

Finally, it was time for the final course, arguably our favorite course-the dessert course.  We picked the peanut butter swirl chocolate fondue. They bring you out the chocolate, and then they set it on fire so you can roast marshmallows over it. They also brought out fruits (strawberries, bananas, and grapes), rice krispe treats, brownie bites, and cookie dough. 

We really had a blast. It was such a great way to celebrate our anniversary because it was a new experience, and it took about two hours, and it gave us plenty of time to talk.

P.S-Can you tell from the pictures who loves bacon and who doesn't?

Song of the Day: What I Got by Sublime


  1. Did you go to the Melting Pot? I love that place. Match says it's chick food, but I think it's amazing. I've only ever had the desserts, but the dinners sound delicious. I'd be afraid of under cooking everything though. I must remember the timer on the cell phone trick!
    Happy Anniversary you two!!

    1. @We actually went to a place called Simply Fondue in Orange County! But I've heard that the Melting Pot is good. Pfft, your pregnant so I think you can get Match to take you out for fondue!!

  2. Your blog is absolutely amazing! Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. :) I've never had fondue before, but reading the descriptions of the foods you named left me hungry! Ha. Have a great night! (:

  3. Between the comment about swimming in a vat of cheese, your fun writing style, and great pictures, I'm really in love. And the blog design? Hello, awesome! But now I'm craving fondue. Yummm.

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  5. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! I'm proud of your husband too...getting down one mdew a day is major self-control! I enjoyed looking through your blog and am now craving fondue!!!

  6. Oh I HAVE to find a place like this out here in SLC!
    And if you find a vat of cheese,
    please let me know,
    I'll be right there swimming with you.
    I eat cheese with ever meal..
    I wish I was joking!

    thank you for your comment on my blog.
    giving up soda is definitely not easy (in fact I've already cheated once... oops)
    Good luck with your soda-less and fast food venture
    I love your writing and blog design!
    Keep it up,
    I'll be back :)

  7. This food looks so yummy, thanks for commenting on my blog. Would you like to follow each other?


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