Friday, April 20, 2012

An Online Link Love Book Vol. II

The artist Jirka Vaatainen has painted realistic portraits of famous Disney Characters! This is Cinderella, you can see more here.

I'm really into history and I love studying about the Titanic. I have been pouring over these actual photos taken aboard the Titanic. And I followed the Live Twitter Feed of the sinking for the 100th anniversary. So Heartbreaking. So Riveting.

These great draw-something app pictures make me sad because my draw-something drawings are soooo bad. 

A hilarious article on why Ryan Gosling should stop being so Ryan Goslingy.

I've been hitting the gym a few times a week for a month now, so I loved this list of 200 running/work-out songs for my iPod. I definitely love Music is My Hot, Hot Sex by CSS and That's Not My Name by The Tings Tings. But I would add Paris (Oh La La) by Grace Potter and New in Town by Little Boots.

50 Random People You Wish You Knew

I love this cool information about napping, it makes me feel less guilty about the amount of naps I take!

This is the most simplistic and easiest guide to understanding your SLR camera that I've ever seen!

I love these 21 practical traveling tips. Most I've never even thought of before.

I'm obsessed with nautical designs. And I want to paint my nails like this.

Song of the Day: Love Your Love The Most by Eric Church


  1. The portrait of Cinderella is so neat! And you can NEVER go wrong with Eric Church- you just can't. He's perfect :) You always have such entertaining posts!

  2. my coworker and i just went through the list and said which ones we'd do in real life. bahahaha.

  3. I need to read up on those traveling tips. Match and I are going on a road trip at the end of next week. That is such a cool picture of Cinderella. I guessed it before I read what you wrote. One of my favorite Disney movies.


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