Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Online Link Love Book Vol. III

I really love looking at vintage photographs. Lately, I've been fascinated with these old photos of New York City and Brooklyn. Oh, how things change. But I love how you can still see how bustling of a city it really was, even back then.

I successfully ordered an Oreo Frappuccino off this Secret Starbucks menu last week. Not only was it delicious, it made me feel like I was such a winner that day.

This zillow (real estate listing) on The White House is super interesting. Like who knew the White House's last big remodel was in the 1950's? Or that it has a "mud room?"

A poignant personal narrative from someone whose marriage is ending at the age of 23.

I would love to stay in the Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco. It is a hotel where all the rooms are painted by a different artist. I would want to stay in the room of one of my favorite artists, Casey O'Connell.

I think grilled cheeses are just about the most perfect comfort food ever.  Here are 40 ways to jazz up the traditional sandwich.

Remember a few weeks ago when I complained about the ending of the movie Titanic? Well, I'm not the only one who feels like I feel. These two ladies opted to answer the "whether or not Jack could have gotten on the door with Rose" question by reenacting the disputed ending in a swimming pool, in period dress. Classic.

Hilarious Mcsweeny's article. The State Department's Official Travel Advisory for Your Mother's House

A funny article entitled Five Ways Saved By The Bell Ruined My Life. But they forgot one important one! Saved by the Bell gave me the impression that high school was nothing more than spending all day hanging out in the hall. Those kids were like hardly ever actually in class. Such a let down once I entered the 9th grade.

I think these little custom post-it note frames would make the perfect gift for a friend.

Song of the Day: Closer by Melissa Ferrick


  1. I'm not sure how I was unaware of the secret starbucks menu, but that will be happening immediately. Beautiful photograph!! And the zillow listing is really interesting. Only 16 bedrooms, but 35 BATHROOMS?

  2. I had nooo idea there was a secret Starbucks menu! Will be trying that out ASAP. also, that listing for the white house is really interesting. only (only, lol) 16 bedrooms, but 35 BATHROOMS? also interesting that you can street map inside of it.

  3. I love vintage photos too! And I loved the post about Starbucks menu. Can you believe we only have one Starbucks in Finland and it was opened this month?


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