Sunday, January 20, 2013

Favorite Things: Art Academy 3D

I am not a big video game fan. Although I kick butt at Mario Kart, and I love me some Mario Party. But recently Adam bought me Art Academy 3D for his Nintendo 3DS, and I'm obsessed with it. Not only is it relaxing, the game teaches you actual art techniques and how paintings are made. It lets you practice using pastels, paints, and even drawing with pencil (I'm not soo good at pencil drawings, did you see my windmill?). And even though you are only using a stylus, it feels so much like the real thing! I actually feel like I could use these skills in making real pieces of art. Plus, my teacher is this cutest bearded old man named Vince. He makes me smile.

I've never been much of an artist. When I was in middle school,  I was doing art with a group of kindergartners in Georgia during a mission trip. We were all drawing pictures of our families, and I drew mine. My drawing turned out pretty bad with my family looking like aliens. And a five year old laughed at me! So I'm pretty impressed with what I've turned out so far considering my skill level.

So what do you think of my works of art? My cherry was the first painting I did, and the avocados are my most recent. But I'm most fond on my melon. Gosh, that sounds dirty.

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  1. What a cool game! I have a feeling I would quickly become addicted. Lol, I like your melon and your cherries too. ;-) it does sound dirty! The landscape you did was awesome! Very monet of you!


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