Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wrapping it Up & Starting Fresh

So lets see how I did on my resolutions from 2012:

1. Try a New Recipe Every Month.
I only posted my recipes up through July, but I definitely cooked a lot more than that, so I can definitely put a check next to this one.

2. Work on Expanding my Wardrobe and being more Fashionable.
I don't think I accomplished this goal, I feel like fashion is not my thing and I'm always working on just looking put together. So this is something I'm probably always going to be working on.

3. Get My Scrapbook Up to Date.
I got almost all of my back pages done, and I just need to get some of the most recent events done.

4. Complete the Couch to 5k. 
I totally did this, and put my training to the the test in the street car 5k and veteran's day 10k! I'm most proud of this goal.

5. Land a Job in the Counseling Field.
Check, check, check! I am working as a children's therapist with my own little office and I'm lovin it.

6. Quit Cussing.
Epic fail but on the bright side I'm not any worse, and I never cuss in inappropriate settings.

7. Live Pinterest!
I did pretty well on this, you can check out what I completed by looking at this board.

8. One Top Secret Resolution.
This resolution was to send care packages to all my friends. I got off one or two, but by all means didn't do them all.

9. Accept Compliments.
This is something I struggle with and I will always struggle with. I tend to be overly critical of myself, and it is hard to take in the positive.

10. Stop Biting My Nails.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I did this and now I'm loving my long, beautiful nails that I'm obsessed with painting.
So now it is time for my goals of  2013!
1. Finish Anna Karenina
When I was a middle schooler, Anna Karenina was the longest book I'd ever seen. Although it is no longer the longest book I've ever seen, I still think it would be pretty cool to conquer this one.
2. Learn to Make Cheese
I love cheese, Adam loves cheese, we wear cheese on our heads. So I plan to take on this fun and new culinary challenge.
3. Learn Some Origami
Adam got me a Christmas gift of origami papers and origami how-to books because he knew I found the art of paper folding pretty cool, and I can't wait to learn a little more about it.

4. Complete a 5k Running
I have done a 5k and a 10k, but I've never been able to do one with non-stop running, so this is my fitness goal for this year, I know this one will be a toughie, and I'm somewhat scared, but ready to take it on.

5. Become a Home Owner
We plan on this being our last year of renting. And I can't wait till we have a place to call our own. *fingers crossed*

6. No Fat Talk
What is fat talk? Fat talk is when you make jokes about "eating things that you shouldn't," Or making jokes about being fat or apologizing for being fat or feeling awkward about being fat. And I'm just so sick of thinking and talking about being fat.  Yes, I will continue to work on being fit. But I just don't want "fat" to be such a big deal in my life anymore.

7. Have One Unique Date a Month
I love staying home and watching TV on the couch just as much as the next girl. But I think it is so important to get out and do fun and new things together, to keep it fresh and exciting!

8. Knock a Couple of Items Off My Bucket List
Never will I stop working on completing that list.And when I do them all, I will just make another list. It gives me joy.

9. Keep Up My One Sentence a Day Journal
I bought this journal a few months ago. It has you write a few sentences about your day for five years, I started it back in November, and I like the routine. And it keeps you from forgetting all those little moments from the everyday. So my goal is to keep it up.

10. Do the Instagram Photo a Day Challenge for 1 year
I've started this several times in the past and have always given up. But this year I will finish it. My instagram username is justaride08, if you want to follow along.

Cheers to all the opportunities a new year brings!

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  1. I finished Ana Karenina, just because i needed, because my professor was very danger in school :)
    There was a 10 pages just because one man cut the fucking lawn.
    I hated it.

    You must post new recipe every month, you are my inspiration.


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