Saturday, January 5, 2013

Got My Cranky Pants On

I have a confession to make. The confession is that in some ways I'm not much different than a toddler because I get uber cranky when I'm hungry or when I'm tired. Sometimes in the evenings after work, when it is nearing about 9 o'clock, I start to feel kind of annoyed. I start to think, "who is this man living in my house, and why does he insist on opening his mouth and saying words?" And that is the moment, when I realize, I need to go to bed. STAT.

But on rare occasions, I get cranky for no good reason at all.  Just like last night. Everything seems so blah and nothing is going to hold my interest. And it has taken me several years to discover what my cure all is for getting rid of the blues when you have no good reason to be blue at all. The first step is to get off your behind and go for a walk. Preferably when it is dark outside and a little chilly.  I usually start off listening to sad, slow songs because that fits my mood. And I can belt out the tunes and be all "woe is me." Joni Mitchell anyone?  And feel sorry for myself.  But usually half way through the walk I feel a little more up beat, and I can switch to more upbeat tunes, maybe something from The Ting Tings or Florence and the Machine.

Once I get home, I hop in the shower, as hot as I can stand it and use all my favorite products. I stay in the shower just long enough to prune and hike up the water bill. Once I come out, I change into clean and fresh pajamas. Preferably one of my favorites, maybe my pink pajamas with the Scottish puppies. And I lay in my bed and do a little reading of whatever my book du jour is at the time.

I did that exact routine last night, and then I felt better and I could go on and enjoy my evening.  Now if I can only find a cure all for my other types of crankiness I would be golden. Although I guess that cure all is just sleep, glorious sleep.

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  1. I ♥ The Ting Tings .
    When i feel bad, i listen The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and drive a car or walk with my dog.

    Stupid PMS.

    Be good.
    ♥ U.


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