Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Maps and All Things Group Therapy

At work, I do a twice a month group therapy session for teenage girls who are depressed/anxious/self-harm and have had some suicidal thoughts. This is by far my favorite population to work with. Maybe because I was that girl once upon a time, a teenager who didn't truly believe things could ever get better. But they did get better and I'm so glad I stuck it out because now I have such a beautiful life and my troubles never seem that insurmountable.

In the group, we do spend a lot of time talking about issues but also the girls just get to enjoy the company of other girls with their same issues. And they seem to like spending time just trying to shock me with cuss words, and then I'm all like, "pllllllllleeease I've heard it all. I worked at a rehab after all."

Earlier last week, I was looking for a fun and light activity we could do this week for Valentine's day. And I decided on doing a heart map. Just a map you draw that has a bunch of things that make you happy and are important to you.  I hope they don't think it is too elementary. But I think sometimes it is good to keep it simple and also give them reminders of things that make them happy.

But I had to do an example for them to follow first. So here is my heart map. So don't laugh at my taco which supposedly looks like a watermelon or  the fact that I misspelled my chosen career (therapy). I mean really? But I was watching a movie and wasn't paying that much attention. That is my only excuse.


  1. Heart map!!!!

    Great idea, i love it.

  2. aw, love the map. And I can't help laughing about the misspelling. I totally multitask while I make things and I often find myself making big mistakes. Whoops!
    I think it's amazing what you're doing for these kids. It must be so rewarding knowing you're helping them through such a rough time. I would not relive my teens for anything!

  3. That's wonderful! I hope the girls had fun with it :)


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