Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Big Spring Memories

I'm still doing that running thing. Slowly getting myself ready for Color Me Rad in Match. And I do mean slowly, sometimes I think a turtle on downers could pass me by. But I know it is not about speed just about getting out there and doing it. And running makes me feel good and I like it, so nothing else matters. But sometimes I get tired of running in the same old places. I don't know how people do their running on treadmills inside gyms, I need new visuals to keep me occupied (although I guess the gym is ace for people watching). Changes of scenery.  So last week when I was in Huntsville for an appointment, I decided to go for a jog nearby at Big Spring Park.

Big Spring Park is a very beautiful little park, but I think enjoyed the run even more because it brought back so many memories from my younger days. Like once I went to a Peruvian dance festival with my best friend and got my first taste of a culture that was not my own. And I attended so many concerts there every year at the Big Spring Jam. I saw Jewel back in her "Who Can Save Your Soul Days," when she was still bitter at the world and not singing happy, country songs (that I like just as much, by the way). I saw Jason Aldean, Bucky Covington, and LeeAnn Rimes when she was little more than a high schooler herself.

My friend and I drove home from our college in Mississippi to see Taylor Swift, when she had first broken onto the scene and wasn't even a headliner yet. Before the million awards, and famous ex-boyfriends. We were driving back to school late that same night to get back to school by morning, and we got a flat tire and had to stay one more night, missing all of our classes, and one very important math test.

But I guess my favorite memory involves my first boyfriend. I had been talking to this guy online for quite a while when I decided we should met. I was taking a class at a nearby Art Museum, and he was going to pick me up in the park. When I came out the park was packed! Apparently, there was some kind of religious convention in town, and what had to be close to a million people were in the park in matching suits and ties! This totally freaked me out, as crowds make me nervous! And I had no idea how my friend was going to find me! Up until then my biggest concern was the pimple I had on my lip because what if he wanted to kiss me? Long Story Short, we did meet and we dated a short time. And he was pretty dumb as most first boyfriends are (in my opinion). But it was a good memory anyway.

I think the nostalgia is what has been most fun about being back in Alabama. Every where I go there is a memory that makes me smile. Driving by my friend's grandparents house after work and thinking of all our fun sleepovers. I think I am just appreciating the little things which probably would have never mattered to me had I not moved away for several years.

It is pretty good to be home and share all these memories with Adam and to be making some new ones of our own.

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  1. I miss spring, too :)
    But it is allmost here, just 2 months more...


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