Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Lego-tastic Weekend

It has been a great weekend here at the Manor. On Saturday, I had a sushi/shopping/ice cream date with my mother, even if it was freezing cold and sleeting outside! On Sunday, we slept in, I went for a jog, and then we had a brunch date. I had the best omelet stuffed with crab, avocado, and Parmesan cheese. Yummy! I also managed to sneak in not one, but TWO glorious naps. Adam downloaded SIM theme park for me to play, which I loved when I was in high school. I also found out that an IHOP is coming to our tiny town and I about wet myself! I love me some IHOP. And now we are watching this crazy long Superbowl, not really caring who wins. However, my life has been made because I got to see Destiny Child reunited. I miss them. And oh yeah, we finally finished putting our 2,000 plus piece LEGO town hall together.

This project probably took us a complete day. It is a lot of work combing through so many pieces just to find the exact tiny piece that you need! But it was a lot of fun to put together and I love the finished project. I think what I like about LEGO is the detail they put into everything, even the little people.  There is even a working elevator! And the set just so happens to remind of the first dorm building I lived in during college, clock tower and all.

I guess now that we are all rested up, it is time to conquer the week ahead.  And I hope all my bloggy friends had a wonderful weekend too.


  1. Gosh I keep geeking out over these pictures of legos!!

  2. Oh my goodness your Lego town looks amazing!! Sounds like you had a great weekend.


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