Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Walking in Memphis (& A Million Photos of Graceland)

Song: Graceland by Vixine
(Make Sure You Have the Volume on for The Little Movie)
On the spur of moment, Adam and I decided to spend the weekend in Memphis & Graceland and my college friend, Anna, and her boyfriend Jon got to come along!

We got into town late on Friday and got to our beautiful room on Beale Street. We got dressed and ready and went to lovely dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. I've been to a few Hard Rocks in my time, so usually I would pick something more unique and local, but Anna has never been to one, so she really wanted to go. But the food was great, Adam loosened up and had some shots, and they had a live band playing. The band was almost too loud though, you know your getting older when you are more concerned with being able to have a conversation than jamming out to music!

After dinner, we walked up and down Beale street snapping pictures & shopping. Before going back to the room to hang out and being soooo loud, that the guy next door chastised us for being too loud. And we are were like dude, it is a hotel on BEALE street. What do you expect? There is even a sign in the front lobby that said if you want a QUIET hotel stay elsewhere. But we calmed down because we are just those kinds of people.
I was so freakin excited about going to see Graceland the next day, which Adam couldn't seem to wrap his mind around because I'm not a zealous Elvis fan. But still, it doesn't mean I wouldn't find it sooo exciting. The house from the outside looked nothing like I expected (i.e. a celebrity home). I think a lot of celebrity homes now are so over the top. But this was just a nice, big home with beautiful stone facade.
I really loved all the rooms in the mansion! Some were garishly 70's (think shag carpet on the ceiling), and the yellow and purple basement was fun, fun, fun! But I thought the living room and the dining room actually stood the design test of the time! I die for those stained glass peacocks. Even the staircase is grand! By the way, the upstairs of Graceland is off limits, even to most employees. For two reasons, Elvis only let his family up there during his lifetime, and the family didn't want to bring undue attention to the bathroom where he died.
We saw the graves of Elvis and his family, his many awards/trophies, and the infamous jungle room. We toured his private planes and got to see his really unique collection of cars. And I ended the day eating a peanut butter and banana grilled sandwich (because how could you not eat the King's favorite meal while at Graceland).
We really had a great weekend, and I couldn't stop smiling after the tour because it was just so much more fun than I could have expected. I think it even gave me a better understanding of the mystique of Elivs.

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  1. Aww yay! I am excited for us to visit there too! I went there when I was little, but I barley remember it. Now that we live so close, we need to go :)

    <3 Ash


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