Sunday, March 24, 2013

Color Me Rad

This weekend was an epic weekend. An epic weekend that almost didn't happen because I was so overcome with nausea on Friday, that I didn't think I could make it. So I told my friends that I wouldn't be making it. And then I spent the next two hours laying on the couch feeling sorry for myself and trying not to barf.  Because I had been looking forward to the color run forever. FOREVER. But after about two hours, I started to feel like I would survive. And even though we would get in a lot later than what we originally planned, I just couldn't skip it.
We got to my friend Jana's house in Jackson, Mississippi, around ten, and landed right smack dab in the middle of arts & crafts hour. Everyone was making glittery tutus and putting our team logo on the back of their shirts! That is right up my ally, so I jumped right in. Our team name was Team Misfits because when we were in college, my friends and I all lived on the 5th floor of Kincannon Hall, and we called ourselves "The Kincannon 5th Floor Misfits." We had so much fun that night, the whole evening was a total giggle fest, we were all just so pumped for the next day.
The race was in the beautiful neighborhood of Fondren, whose claim to fame is being a big filming location for the movie, The Help. When we got there, the amount of people was pretty overwhelming! There were over 8,000 participants! And even before the race the color bombs were flying! So we were already pretty colored by the time the race started!
Now the color run is not an athletic event. It is not about running or getting your best time really. It is just about having fun. So for the most part we walked the whole thing. We were just walking and "derping" (ha, a slang word that I just learned the definition of recently, thanks to the teenagers at work). Along the walk there were 4 color stations, where you were attacked by color bombers. And I do mean attacked!  There was a time when the color was so thick that we couldn't even see! And once we did cross the finish line, every 5 minutes we would color bomb anyone around us! 
Needless to say, we were drenched in color at the end. We were walking coloring books in the best way. I can't even tell you how ridiculously fun this event was. I swear if everyone could do a color run everyday there would be no more unhappiness in the world. Period. I was so happy I made it.
We all went to lunch at McAlister's afterward, leaving a trail of color on everything we touched (and ogling the Mississippi State Basketball players that were eating at the restaurant also). Then, we went back to Jana's and took showers. I was scrubbing color out of places that no color has ever gone before. It took me 3 shampoos to get it out of my hair!
I couldn't help but smile the whole trip home thinking about how last summer, Jana and I, came up with the idea to do a 5k on our road trip. And we did it, and loved it, and are now slightly addicted. And we have started a mini 5k movement with so many of our friends and family joining us along the way.
P.S.-Adam was there by the way, there just aren't really any pictures of him because he didn't race. So he spent most of the time just trying to avoid the color bombs. But there is one shot of him posted but you have to be uber observant to notice him.


  1. Oh my goodness! Looks like so much fun! :)

    <3 Ash

  2. Hi Brittany, long time no comment :) this looks like it was soooooo much fun! I would definitely take part in something like this xx

  3. That looks like such a fun run! I can't wait to get back into running/working out. I would love to participate in something like this.


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