Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Favorite Things: March 2013 Edition

1. I picked up 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in USA & Canada on a recent trip to Anthropologie. Not only do I love to travel, I love reading about travel, and dreaming about all the places I want to see. I usually can find the things I want to know about a place online, but sometime there is no substitute for having a book in your hands. The activities in the book are not your typical tourist attractions either, and it has some great information on hidden gems.

2. I got this cute yellow t-shirt from And I love it! Since I'm so into running now, I just thought it was a fun shirt to wear while working out or running errands. It is also motivation to get out and get going since I have to live up to what my shirt is proclaiming!

3.On the same trip to Anthropologie, I bought this adorable dachshund notepad that sits under my keyboard at work.  It is so cute. And such a quick way for me to jot down little tasks that I need to remember to complete at work. Plus, I have a love affair with dachshunds since one of my first pets was a long hair dachshund named Valentine!

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